Jean Paul Gaultier x Diet Coke Tour Bus Comes to Cork!

So, last week, I wandered along to the launch of the Jean Paul Gaultier x Diet Coke tour, had my nails did, quaffed some no-sugar beverages, snapped a bit of street style (I loved Roisin’s camo/denim combo, which you can see below) and had excellent laughs with fellow bloggers and my Diet Coke co-presenters, Ciara, Katrina and Sue.  You can see all the fun times we had in the video above.

If you want to partake in the fun yourself, the JPG tour bus is stopping in Cork at Mahon Point Shopping Centre this Friday (that’s the 27th). Come along, get a manicure (I went for red nautical nail wraps), some temporary tats (mine were anchors) and, if you’re lucky, some limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke bottles.

Here are some photos of all the fun.

Professional photos by Thinkhouse, incredibly amateurish Instagram photos by me.

Some thoughts on H&M x Marni

On the 8th of March, I joined the queue for the newly released Marni x H&M collection. I managed to get a proper look-see three hours later, once the queue had abated.

Only I wasn’t at one of the two Dublin stores that offered the collection. I was on the H&M website – I wasn’t even buying. I just wanted to see the clothes. In shopping terms, it’s like waiting in line for three hours just to look at the window display.

The hype surrounding designer high-street collaborations is, in my incredibly biased opinion, ridiculous. The recent Mary Katrantzou collection for Topshop collection sold out within hours of being posted online. The most recent H&M collection, this time with Versace, was hyped-up more than the Royal Wedding and Beckham Baby combined. As with most hype, the result is uniformly disappointing.

Yet, the Marni collaboration seemed different. A distillation of the ideas of the slightly eccentric Consuelo Castiglioni, the emphasis was on texture and print and not obvious emblems or signifiers. Unlike other H&M collaborations, which look slightly outdated after a matter of weeks (have you seen anyone in a Lanvin x H&M number lately? Or, come to think of that, EVER?), the Marni collection is a mixed bag in terms of wearability.

The Womenswear collection is full of obvious winners, like the tan and grey wool/patent leather top, or the silk metallic brocade suit, or the patent leather zip-up jacket with knitted sleeves and an incongruous slight v-neck. Others, however, lack the weight, precision or consideration of the mainline Marni collection and have the busy, buzzy patterns of something my mother would pick up as a beach-to-dinner sun holiday number in a Wallis bargain bin.

Both the bad and good things about hype are the pomp and circumstance awarded to what will inevitably be privately judged as a lesser product. The promotional shots were taken by Sofia Coppola, who also directed the accompanying video. Shot in Morocco and starring Coppola lookalike Imogen Poots, it’s a hazy, Roxy Music-tinged film (or in layman’s terms, an ‘advert’) about a sultry-eyed girl who is lonely (or something) and kisses some dude in a pool, even though he may or may not have a girlfriend. You just don’t know. Maybe the the subtle nuances will be ironed out in the director’s cut.

Incidentally, my mother was in London and wandered into both the Oxford and Regent Street branches for a proper look-see after the queues had abated. Contrary to popular reports, there was still a good amount of stock left, albeit in exclusively extra-small and large sizes. ‘Is any of this wearable?’ she thought, referring to the favourite patent leather numbers above (‘shiny’ and ‘boxy’ were her appraisals). Everything looked ‘tatty’ and poorly made. A little bit disenfranchised, she headed to Liberty, which is known for zero-hype, fully-lauded collaborations, where she happily spent four hours browsing.

Pics via H&M

Kinda Sorta Love…

>…The Eurovision, which for one night only turns everything the most amazing shade of camp.  This is the Serbian entry Nina, who sang… er, I have no idea.  In my mind, it sounds a bit like this.


Need more pictures of this act. Source

  Coloured tights, bright colours, patterns, sharp bobs, heavy eye make-up, micro minis.  Remind you of anyone?

Sandie Shaw, Eurovision winner 1967.  Source

The Very Last Ten Things

>So, I’ve been tagged by The Hostess Handbook and given a Kreativ Blogger award.  Ta very much for thinking of me!  Here’s my ten facts.

1)  Although it’s very nice to be thought of and tagged, and I really enjoy reading other people’s posts, I hate these things.  Once you get them, you feel obliged to tag another ten people.  It’s the blog equivalent of a chain mail and I find that I’m getting so many of them I’m eventually going to run out of facts about myself.  Although, I’ve been in an inspiration rut recently, I don’t think that these make for the best posts. So, this is the last.  This must be the last.  Absolutely the last.  Final.  Full stop. Never again.  Cross my heart and hope to die be spanked until my bottom goes purple.

2)  At present there are three large men ripping up the tiles in my flat and installing a new boiler.  All I can say about that is – thank God for watertight tenancy agreements, if not boilers.


3)  New celeb crush – by that I mean ‘guy on TV who is cute’, not an actual crush (that would be weird):  Dave Franco.  Funny, great smile, seems smart and looks a little bit like an ex-boyfriend, but not so much that I’m totally repulsed.  Yes, he’s James Franco’s younger brother.

Melodramatic enough for ya? (source)

4)  Last book read – The Crimson Petal and the White by Michel Faber.  I was really excited to get this as an early birthday present (thank you Alan!) and it was excellent – up until the last hundred pages or so.  The TV adaptation currently running on the BBC also looks amazing and has a great cast.  Although I don’t know how I feel about the prospect of a full frontal Chris O’Dowd.  Oh, I know he went to LAMDA and everything but he’ll always be Roy from the IT Crowd to me.

5)  Can’t.  Stop.  Listening.  To.  This.  Song.  Against my better judgement.  Ev’ry day I’m shufflin’.


6)  My birthday is next week and a fluo Cambridge satchel is at the very top of the wishlist.  Add some Danielle Scutt for Topshop jewellery and I’m channeling my inner Man Repeller.  P.S.  I’d love one in leopard print.  Cambridge Satchel Company, if you’re reading this…

7)  New film obsession – Paris is Burning, as seen at Style at Set last weekend.  I’d be foolish NOT to try vogueing on my next night out.

8) That Can Be My Next Tweet invents new tweets made from your old tweets.  Recycling is good for the environment.  But not for my imagination.  Ugh.  What a mental image.

9)  Speaking of which, I’m on facebook AND twitter AND Pinterest – so come say hello.  Validate me with your friendship!

10)  The last and most important point.  As I’ve said, there’s been an inspiration drought sweeping the area lately, so I’ve set myself a challenge and I need YOUR help.  I’ve decided to write about any fashion/style-oriented topic that is put to me.  Every single one.  No matter how out there, or seemingly normal, I want to write about it.  Even if you don’t think it’s my cup of tea, I want to know.  You can give me a word, or a link, or a picture to bounce ideas off.  Leave any and all suggestions in the comments.  And thank you.

If you wear a ringer, you’re Indie Rock. Period."


Wise words, Daisy von Furth, wise words.

X-girl is the sister to Japanese label X-Large and, as I type, is only available in Japan. In 1994, when the label was launched, the brands directors were Daisy Von Furth and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth *cue fangirl squeee*

While is lasted in it’s RIOT GRRRL format, it was pretty darn cool. With all the clean lines and simple tailoring, it reminds me of a no boys-allowed Fred Perry.

X Girl editorial for Vice Magazine

Did you notice a very young Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola in the video? And Chloe Sevigny was their original fit model. ANDandand and and… *fades into silence*

EDIT – While we’re on the subject of music in fashion, you can watch a video of myself and Dawn of Skinni Peach talking about fashion in music with our playlist on the Teen RTE (think Irish BBC) website .  The video will be on the website for a week, so have a click and see what we like!  You’ll get to see me move and speak (a bit like an Irish Daria Morgendorffer) and display abysmal posture.  What an incentive.

Cartoon characters based on real people

Just a short post before I have to pack and get on the bus to Belfast… Normal posting will resume next week.

Here are two of my favourite excellent dressers – who were also the inspiration for two of my favourite animated characters


Tallulah Bankhead and Cruella deVil


Edith Head and Edna Mode from The Incredibles

‘NO CAPES!’  I love The Incredibles.

Who are your favourite fashion characters – and are they based on real people?

I have two words for you…

..and those words are ‘CLEAR MACS’!

It seems that Jeremy Scott was definitely on the right track.  Now give me a plastic rain mac and let me splash around in some puddles, Burberry Prorsum-style.
To watch more, visit catwalkreport_v2.aspx?seasonid=23&seasonday=2011 02 21&day=4

Press play to watch the highlights of Day Four of London Fashion Week, which has been the best so far (in my incredibly inflated, self-important opinion).  An LFW round up will appear on the blog on Friday.

*Apologies for the shortness of this post.  Have you ever been so tired that you look at what you’re writing and it’s total gibberish?  Not badly-written or poorly thought out sentences, just actual unintelligible burble, like a toddler mashing the keyboard with his fists.  So, in a way, I’m doing you a favour by writing a twitter-length missive.  You can thank me later.

Wild for Kicks: The Beat Girl (Part II)

Beat Girl title card, image via Imageshack

Some of you readers may remember a post I wrote back in November about ‘Beat Girl’, a 60’s teensploitation film.  It has everything: Christopher Lee as a strip club operator, rebellious teens, rowdy beatnik tunes and an bouffanted ingenue who later became a successful ye-ye (nothing to do with yo-yos) singer in France – you know, all the things a modern girl wants in a good film.

Teenage exploitation flicks are highly underrated as a genre. Granted, the scripts are usually terrible, dialogue is delivered in the manner of Bela Lugosi at the dentist and I could burst several car tyres in the many plotholes that spring up all over the place. Then again, the appeal of these films is in the general apathetic yet highly self-involved natures of the characters, which makes them embark on many a high-spirited, poorly thought out, self-destructive adventure. They’re just SO stylish, with their casually thrown on, yet meticulously put together outfits (it doesn’t hurt that the films were made in an era that is now looked on nostalgically in terms of style). It’s for the same reasons that so many people love watching Skins today.

Now, thanks to the Movies section on Youtube, you can watch Beat Girl in it’s unadulterated, sleazy, slightly crackly form! Don’t say I’m not good to you. Watch this film while doing the frug and smoking gauloises (or just with a cup of tea – make sure that you do the frug at some stage though).

P.S: Now THIS is how you do the frug.  Snazzy plaid-jacketed dancing partner optional.

Frug instructions via Flickr

Waiting for Godot (or the fire brigade, whatevs)

I did have a huge post planned, with pictures and footnotes and reading lists, I really did.  The only trouble is, I left my notes in my notebook, which is on my kitchen table. On top of that, I can’t get into my apartment block due to the fire alarm going off and weird, suspiciously burning-ish smells coming from the lift.

I wish I was joking.  If my flat burns down with my copy of Cheap and Chic Update in it, I’m going to be maaaad.

I’ll have to post it on Friday – but here’s some video candy – take it as an ‘I’ll make it up to you, I swear!’

HACHIKO ft Kiko Mizuhara for L’UOMO VOGUE from AntoineAsseraf+RenéHabermacher on Vimeo.

Directed by Rene Habermacher, this video plays with a story he heard about a dog who waited for his owner at a train station every day, even after the master stopped taking the train… Maybe he died. I like to think that he decided to take the bus instead and forgot to send his dog the memo.

Maybe that’s what happened to this girl.  She’s waiting for the fire marshals to let her back in her apartment block, but they forgot to tell her and went home…

EDIT: All clear. Phew.

Round Up/Links Dump… eh… thing

I’m not going to lie – I’ve been a bad blogger lately.  Inspiration has been low and I’ve come to the end of the broadband contract, so the flat is internetless.  And cold.  But that’s beside the point.  Most of the blog writing has been done in a very dodgy internet cafe near my flat, populated with sleeping winos and people conducting very loud arguments via Skype.

But, and this is a big but, I do have some cool and interesting stuff in the pipeline, which shall be revealed in due time.  Here are a few interesting links to show you that I’m still connected to the world in some way and tide the regular readers (thanks guys…) over ’til I get my blogging mojo back.

– I’ve got a facebook profile – fancy being friends?

Disneyrollergirl revealed!  There goes my claim to fame of seeing the back of her head at London Fashion Week in September…

Free samples of Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream.  This stuff is amazing – the offer is only open to people in the UK and Ireland.  Go forth and be moisturised (or accelerate the rate of burn recovery if that’s what floats your boat).

I’m really looking forward to watching this at The Pavilion, Cork tonight. The Way of the Crowd is about the Wigan Casino, which was the epicentre of the Northern Soul scene.  When Paul Smith is one of the talking heads, you know it’s going to be interesting.  I’m also looking forward to seeing some flash dance moves afterwards.  It’s what I imagine I look like when I’m drunk – the reality is much crueler.

– The-Coveted vs.thecoveted drama; get informed and weigh in with your opinion.

– Friend of The Licentiate, Jo Linehan of S-oh S-ew! is competing to be one of Elle Magazine’s next fashion interns – go throw her a vote if you have a spare moment (maybe this way she’ll hire me when she becomes a Big Shot Editor Type).

– I noticed that my column from last week didn’t recieve the same amount of feedback as the others normally do.  The views are the same, so I’m wondering if it’s the subject.  Do fashion and politics mix?  Or is Margeret Thatcher too evil/sacred to comment on? Let me know what you think.  Click here to read the column if you haven’t got the foggiest notion what I’m on about.