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Dublin – The Instagram Edition

I just got back from a weekend in Dublin, which was fun. However, it was punctuated with a bout of food poisoning, which was not fun. Nor fun at all. The aim was to go to Forbidden Fruit in Sunday, catch Grimes’ set, meet some friends and eat some nice food. I managed all of those (kinda) so, in conclusion, a good weekend.


The weather forecast was not on my side from the outset.


This is what distracted me on the train ride down. The woman sitting next to me put on a pair of medical gloves to read her newspaper and handle food, which was pretty interesting if you consider that a packed train carriage might not be the best place for a germophobe.


I accidentally-on-purpose ordered a massive pork burrito at Cafe Azteca.


I ate it ALL. And that was my downfall. I woke up the next day feeling incredibly rough but I had to get to Grimes. HAD. TO. I dragged myself on the Luas and got to see the final half of her set. She was amazing. Totally worth it.


Photo by Sean Smyth – you you check out his Flickr for some great Forbidden Fruit photos that have not been processed with crappy instagram filters.


I managed a chat with Sinead and her lovely friend Laura before I slowly deflated like a sad balloon animal and had to leave. They are both really well-dressed.


This is what I wore, which had to be slightly modified because of the cold. And by that I mean I put my spare pair of socks on my hands to warm them up and I don’t care who knows it.


After a sixteen hour power nap I was feeling a bit better and ready for brunch and black tea with a friend in Sixty6.



I had a rummage through the second hand book section in Chapters. It’s the best place for affordable books in the city, even if they do put the fashion books next to those on the occult and witchcraft…


This is what kept me sane on the train ride home. And so a weekend away has chewed me up and spat me out again.

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A sure sign I need to streamline my wardrobe

It was my and my sister’s birthday on Friday, so we all came together for a weekend of food (lots of it. Lots and lots) and the odd burst of hysterical laughter. I came into my room one evening to find my sisters wearing the most ridiculous stuff that they could find in my closet. Not pictured are the cowboy boots and leopard print stilettos.

I still love my pleather trousers, though. And I will never stop buying outlandish things, never wearing them and stuffing them into my wardrobe until my sisters decide to play dress-up. Never.  And as long as they decide to play dress-up with my stuff, I’ll be around to put pictures of them on the internet. Oh yes.

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Cork, I love you, but you’re bringing me down.

Not strictly true, but ‘Oh Cork, I love you, but all this constant travelling and all these prohibitively expensive bus journeys are bringing me down’ didn’t have the same ring.

I’m no longer in Cork full time, so I divide my time between my parent’s place in Kerry, Cork and Dublin. The constant travelling pretty much means that I’m on a monochromatic palette 24/7. The new uniform.

When I’m in Cork I now tend to do touristy things, like hang around The English Market, or things I used to do in Cork years ago, like go to the Brog – that stuff never ends well. This outfit took me to both places. You just get to see the former, although I did end up walking home at 6am, sans glasses and dignity, which I probably left somewhere on Western Road – so you’re not missing much.







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Diet Coke x Benefit: Outfit Post

The very last Diet Coke x Benefit Get Glam event took place at Mahon Point last Saturday and I was there with the lovely Thinkhouse team to document the impossible, oh the impossible glamour of it all.

I’ll post the video (I’m praying that there won’t be a blooper reel including my incredibly feeble jokes about Special K being the Breakfast of Champions or the bit where I said ‘I’m Sarah Waldron from The Licentiate and I’m here to… completely forget what I’m talking about’) during the week, so this is just a quick outfit post.

Dress: Sister Jane, Boots: Topshop, Pendant: Penneys, Watch: Casio, Fred Perry barrel bag: filched from a friend.

Photos are courtesy of the beautiful Margaret from

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Festive Outfit Post. I went there. Again.

I thought it was high time for another festive outfit post and where better than the Brown Thomas Christmas windows? Almost anywhere else would have been better, as it turns out – not because of the windows, which were spectacular as usual but because of the drunk homeless person who took it upon himself to be the after-hours custodian.

Thanks you for that shower of abuse, homeless man.  I was not aware that, as a woman, I am inherently worthless and that I am somehow managing to siphon off MILLIONS from the good folks at Brown Thomas by taking photos of their lovely Christmas windows.  The hat may have made me look like a burglar but burglars tend not to wear conspicuously fluffy, leopard print coats.  I sincerely hope that you find somewhere nice to sleep and that you make an active decision to stop drinking lighter fluid in the near future.*

Outfit photos by the lovely Margaret – Christmas window photos by me.

Coat, necklace – vintage, hat, gloves – Penneys, shirt, tee – Topman, jeans – Warehouse, Boots – H&M

*How weird would it be if he was reading this? If you are, my real message is ‘Chill out, homeless man. Pick your battles maybe?  Sorry I didn’t catch your name but you were slurring a lot*

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Horsing Around

Last week, I said that I was going to start to do more outfit posts. And I am. As soon as I learn to use my camera. And learn how to use Photoshop. And find a great location. And but a new pair of heels. And lose some weight. And get a haircut. And wait until the weather is lovely.

But, if I waited to do all of those things, I’d be waiting a very, very long time. This might not be The Sart, but it’s a start. Please be kind if you’re leaving a comment. Don’t go breaking my heart now.

'But I don't wanna be in the outfit post!'

So, I'm dating a giant. Wanna fight about it?

These photos were taken a few months ago outside my flat. Myself and the boyfriend are just fooling around with the camera settings.

You know that feeling when you’ve been with someone you start to dress alike, a bit like a less attractive version of the couples from The Kooples lookbook?  That has happened to us.  It’s not always a bad thing, but it can be embarassing when you roll up to the cinema in identical tops.  I blame Topman and their deceptively versatile tees.  And the fact that I’m a laundry-dodging bum.

I'm just SOOOOO mysterious.

Squinty Mc Squinterson

I love this jacket.  Ever since I saw Ken Russell’s photos of Teddy Girls, I’ve been obsessed with contrast lapels and the effortless style and, to an extent, the ‘pony club’ vibe that runs through these jackets.  This is a vintage boy’s jacket.  If you’re petite, boys jackets are great for a masculine line without being swamped in the sleeves or shoulders. I can just picture a 60’s kid wearing this jacket for his Bar Mitzvah.

token blogger shoe picture

So, this is my first proper outfit post. Thanks to Alan for helping me along and being my guinea pig. And for lending me his tees.

Jacket – vintage
Jumper – Topman
Jeans – Primarni
Boots – Topshop

Alans clothes – ALL Topman. Seriously.

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Well Looky Lou, I’m in U!

Look Ma, I'm famous!

Today is a good day. It’s a good day for lots of reasons (nice blue sky, birds are singing, I’m feeling unusually productive and a lunchtime catch up with Dawn is on the cards) but I’m especially excited because this here blogger is in the newest issue of U Magazine! *faints*

The Fashion Diary was the product of a lot of thought and consideration and couldn’t have happened without my friends Alan, Hayret and Jo, who took the pictures.  Thanks guys.  You’re the best.

I was quite nervous at the prospect of having ten pictures taken of me, especially pictures showcasing my style.  There are lots of reasons.

  1. I work from home and anyone who does that knows that the typical work uniform is a pair of pajamas covered in crumbs/an old t-shirt and sleep shorts/boyfriend’s huge ratty Spurs jersey and baggy leggings with hole in the crotch.  Not exactly magazine material (not the kind of magazine I’d want to read anyway)
  2. I’m not a personal style blogger.  I would like to be, but the last time I did an outfit post, I recieved a comment telling me that I ‘ruined all fashion’.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think I’m a gorgon or anything, but when I do an outfit post, I want to do a really, really good one – so that comment knocked me a little bit (I know that’s pretty pathetic, I’m not asking for sympathy nor do I actually think that I ruin all fashion).
  3. I don’t think I’m very photogenic.  This is tied up into point 2.
  4. Before I started taking photos, I couldn’t really sum up what my style was in a couple of sentences.  I like all sorts of things.  I like suits.  I like vintage. I like black.  I love bright colours.  I love crochets and knits and leather trousers and Missoni type patterns and geometric shapes and leopard print and tweed and stripes and polka dots and crisp white shirts and PVC and lace-up ankle boots.  I love Audrey Hepburn and Anna Piaggi equally, even though their styles couldn’t be more opposed.  It was hard to pin a common thread down, which made picking outfits very difficult.

But I finally came to a conclusion about my personal style, which has been two decades in the making.  I like (deep breath) – classic pieces with a twist.  I also love mixing up colours and textures.  GROUND-BREAKING STUFF.

Seriously though, I can’t believe that it took me so long just to think of that.  Typical.

I think I might start doing regular outfit posts from now on.  What do you think?  Good idea?  Bad idea?

An outtake - this was taken one outfit and about eleventy billion crap, frustrating photos in. The final product was definitely worth it.

Major thanks to Aisling and Deanna at U for having me. You guys…