Stylish Blogger Award/ Seven Things… eh… thing.

So, this week  I’ve been given a Stylish Blogger Award by the lovely Jessica of Enchanted Vintage Clothing, whose blog I genuinely love, and not just because she tagged me in a post.  I really enjoy reading her educational, funny and promdress-filled posts, so check out her blog quick-smart.

For no reason other than I like this, here’s my and the boyfriend’s feet

The point of these posts are to give a bit of blog love and get some in return, but I won’t be tagging anyone in these.  If you like this post and want to do one like it, leave me a link in the comments.  I don’t want to exclude anyone or make them feel like they have to do it.  I have to share seven things that you might not know about me.  I’m not much of a sharer, so these seven factoids were hard to come up with.  I hope you like them.

At a family party, note my super-smooth face.  Computers can do great things these days.

1)  My mother has had a formative influence on my life.  She works part-time in a library, where she heads up the county book club.  She’s half the reason why I grew up in a house full of books.  She taught me the value of a Burberry trench coat.  I tell people who have never met her that she’s a cross between Delia Smith and Audrey Hepburn, but I don’t think that I’ve ever told her that.  She makes excellent scones and pate and bread and butter pudding (but not together).  She wants to go to India.  She has a rail full of Diane Von Furstenburg dresses in her room.  Anything she has, she’ll give to one of her children without them having to ask.  She is one of the most tolerant, gentle and considerate people I have ever felt the good fortune to meet and I love her to bits.  Happy Mother’s Day, Mom.

2)  My mother is from England and I have a lot of relatives there, but she was born to Irish parents.  Technically, I’ve got dual nationality and I do feel a bit British.  It’s a really hard identity to reconcile when you consider the fraught relationship that England and Ireland have had.  Existential crises aside, I do enjoy a nice cream tea and an elaborate Royal Wedding.

3)  My dream is to edit and publish my own magazine.  I also want to write a novel, if only to prove to myself that I can do it.  And I will do it.  I will.

Looking pensive and hoping for a tomorrow without nocturnal corner-shop visits

4)  My boyfriend is freakishly supportive.  He goes to the shop in the middle of the night to get biscuits for my tea and sleeps on the couch when I’m sick (got strep throat at the moment). He’s a very nice guy.

Bumper prize to the person who can name the most books on this shelf…

5) Of all the things I am proud of, I’m probably proudest of my bookshelf…


6) …but in every other aspect, I’m a massive slob.  In reality, my bedside drawer has this on it – plus five or six mugs, a pair of glasses, bottles of nail varnish and an even bigger pile of unfinished books.

7)  There’s no food I won’t try.  Bushtucker trials have got nothing on me.

Cartoon characters based on real people

Just a short post before I have to pack and get on the bus to Belfast… Normal posting will resume next week.

Here are two of my favourite excellent dressers – who were also the inspiration for two of my favourite animated characters


Tallulah Bankhead and Cruella deVil


Edith Head and Edna Mode from The Incredibles

‘NO CAPES!’  I love The Incredibles.

Who are your favourite fashion characters – and are they based on real people?

Allie Brosh x Fashion = Genius

>I might be the only person in the world who hasn’t read Hyperbole and a Half, judging by the amount of comments after every post.

I was having one of those lazy Sundays on the internet (because this is where I live; on the internet, clicking intermittently and letting my eyes glaze over), chatting to one of my friends, who forwarded on the link to Allie Brosh’s blog.  I went onto the Facebook page and from there to Brosh’s MS Paint-y drawings and articles for The Gloss (not to be confused with the Irish Magazine of the same name).  And I laughed.  And laughed some more.  Then I had some dinner.  Then I did some more laughing.  You get the picture.

Pic from 4 Totally Legitimite Uses For Sequins

Total, piss-taking, funniness.  I urge you to check it out.

A short post on, eh, shorts


Since I was a child I had a morbid obsession with the tuba, specifically it’s rumbling bass tones. What can I say, it moved me.

So, with the current vogue for leather shorts and the bass obsession, I should probably join a Teutonic Oompah band. Or maybe just buy some vintage lederhosen. Like the pair below.


There’s a method to this though. The leather shorts I find in the shop are poofy around the hips and quite a lot have gathered waists and broad, voluminous turn-ups or perforated motifs. This will look suitably amazing on Alexa Chung, but I’m five foot nothing with a biggish bum. Buying vintage boys clothes means that the hips are narrower, ergo slightly slimmer arse and a silhouette that looks more like actual shorts and less like I’ve stepped into an extra-durable binbag stretched with starch.  This pair is also nice and worn, so I won’t actually look like I’m in an oompah band (more’s the pity)

Here’s a bonus track for you. I’m going to listen to it with a stein of Weissbier.

P.S  The new Licentiate column for The Cork Independent can be read here.

Wanted: Simpsons Vintage


If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that I have a deep uncompromising love for The Simpsons, namely the first handful of seasons.  So deep is this love that I’m going to do a post on Simpsons and clothing, so switch off now if you find this boring…

I was just about old enough to remember the ‘Ban The Bart’ campaigns in 1990.  I also remember my granny was scandalised when she found out that my parents had bought both myself and my sister Simpsons t-shirts.  Mine was blue and had a picture of Bart saying “Don’t have a cow, man”.  Sigh.  Where did it all go wrong?

Right now I’d give my boyfriend’s left nut for an old-school Simpsons sweater or tee (sorry Al) but they must have all been burned on an elementary school principal pyre because finding one of these, in a good condition and in a condition to fit a woman without looking like a tent is as rare as hens teeth (a comparison I never really got.  Do hens have teeth?).

These items are mostly from the early 90’s and so are teetering on the edge of vintage.  I think that once the 20 year mark has passed for these items, they’ll magically become ironic, then cool, then passé again in the hipster fashion wheel of fortune.

Here are some of my picks.

Available here , here and here .

>Time poor, Cash, eh… poor

>I’ve been spending a lot of time preparing for the big move from one apartment to another and spending no cash whatsoever on fashiony bits due to a deposit-induced cash squeeze. I can only offer tiny titbits or share things I’ve found online for the time being…  Apologies for being kinda crap.  I have got a few posts in the works about Etsy sellers and packaging, the vintage jewellery that my grandmother recently left me and the few vintage style books that I’ve managed to amass so watch this space.

 Today, however,  it’s the work of Hong Kong illustrator John Woo.


You can see all his Star Wars modelled illustrations here (via Refinery 29 ).

Inspiration 1 – Club Kids

>With yesterday’s post still firmly stuck in my mind, I can’t help but be reminded of the Club Kids.

My obsession started with renting out Party Monster with my sisters.  We watched it once.  Then I watched it again.  And again.  Anyone acquainted with their brief moment at the forefront of cutting edge cool will know the seedy story that overshadows their outfits (in short, movement leader Michael Alig, along with drug dealer Robert ‘Freeze’ Riggs, killed another drug dealer, Angel Melendez and disposed of his body in an incredibly brutal fashion).  Which makes their appearance on the Joan Rivers Show more than a little bittersweet since the phrase “you’re not hurting anyone” pops up all over the place.

Before the clubs became saturated with drugs, however, the Club Kid ethos was a series of Situationist pranks (scatology, mutilation and lactation were common themes for club nights and outfits) and guerrila parties, which took place in McDonalds and Macys departments stores, amongst other places.  To tap into the Club Kid psyche, just listen to your inner freak.  And maybe have a look at these here pictures.


EDIT – Here’s a few more pictures of Club Kid trading cards, used as publicity tools for Disco 2000 club nights.


All photos from Collection of All That is Good

Ignore everything about these videos.

>Ignore the odd stances and awkward porturing of the models.  God, don’t you hate watching shows where the models have obviously been told ‘look like you’re having FUN’ and they just end up lolloping awkwardly and shrugging at the end of the runway and then maybe doing a little halfhearted jump… “Er, what do we do now…  I know, I’ll jump in the air for no reason and pray it turns out alright”.

Ignore the baby doll dresses and strapless sweetheart necklines.
Ignore the candy colours.
Ignore the impromptu burlesque strip in the 2010 video (if you can).

But I DEFY you to ignore the 3D knits. Fam Irvoll is an irreverent genius, the bastard child of Minnie Mouse and JC de Castelbajac, who ran away with the circus and picked up some knitting needles after a food fight turned for the worse, leaving her unable to do any trapezework ever again and with an odd urge to knit her snack choices into jumpers and headbands.* Must… have… the liquorice allsort jumper… immediately.

*That never happened.  I made it up.  It would be pretty cool though, no?

Lazy Easter Weekend

>It’s Easter Weekend, which for Irish people means four days of sitting around in slubby clothes and watching Easter Parade all to the soundtrack of mouths busily slurping and chomping away on Cadburys Eggs.  The word for Easter weekend amongst the vast majority of non-practising Catholics and atheists in the country is ‘lackadaisical’.  I want to be slubby on the couch with a slouchy cardi – but then the siren call of gin and the promise of mischief on a Bank Holiday Sunday approaches…  Dress up or dress down?  It’s the kind of question that just makes me want to burrow down even further into the duvet.  No shenanigans for me, thanks.

That was, until I saw the new range from purveyors of kitsch cuteness, Heidi Seeker. Trompe L’oeil biker and blazer cardis.  The sartorial equivalent of an Easter Egg.  Tasty and sweet (with a little bit of guilt for loving it so much thrown in).


I don’t shop at Heidi Seeker very often because their inventory is so cloyingly bright and anime-style cute that I often come away from the website feeling as if I’ve rolled around in a giant vat of candy floss and hello kitty dolls and been spat out somewhere in the Harajuku district, feeling very disoriented and in need of an accessory detox. Yep, I’m a cynical bitch.  All that cutesy-pie stuff – I’m not condemning it or anything, it’s just not for me.

Saying that, Heidi Seeker do have a great eye for creative details to hook you in. The trompe l’oeil biker cardi comes with a pot luck of badges for the lapels and an option to customise the back – how very Grease.

Links I Love 2

>Some inspirational links…

The BF should take note here.
Sixties and Seventies hair pics, iconic women and pin-ups that are apparently never ending.  Note to self – buy hot rollers and gallons of hairspray.
I usually go to London for Arsenal matches and stopovers.  Emirates no longer – I’m going to Kensington Palace!  Must have a look at the fares on Ryanair very, very soon.
Some samples of my work (cuz I’m like a real journalist and like, write about fashion and stuff)

The launch of Cork Fashion Week (getting very excited about this, really looking forward to covering some events for the Cork Indo – fingers crossed!) 
The BT Cork Spring /Summer preview
And one blatant plug for some friends…

The boyfriend is a stand up. A stand up guy that is! That’s a terrible joke and he won’t be impressed when he sees this. Er, anyway, the boyfriend is a stand up… comic and he and my pseudo step-cousin Brendan and a host of others have made a sitcom pilot to be screened in The Pavilion. 10 euro entrance fee – all of it is going to charidee!