2013: Resolutions and Reflections

I’m not going to lie, 2012 has been tough. T-U-F-F, tough.

On New Year’s Eve 2011, I was ringing midnight in on the balcony of a flat I loved, in a city I adored, in the arms of a man who I was fully convinced I was going to spend the rest of my life with.  There may have been a bottle of champagne.  I spent New Year’s Eve 2012 sitting on my little sister’s bed, checking up on my reading on her laptop (because my computer died in November).  In my pajamas.  I am also single, in case you couldn’t tell.

The weird thing is this:  I am much happier now than I was back then.  2012 was the year that I learned how to push through the bad stuff.  I started the year sad and complacent with a boyfriend and a nice home, then lost everything very suddenly and ended up not really minding that much.  Life is a funny old thing (although I am starting to get sick of the character-building aspects of rejection and setbacks).  2012 is the year I officially got over myself.

In 2012, I also learned the following:

  • The best seats to book on a train to Dublin, and what you can do to stop a stag party with cans of cheap cider from sitting next to you (the answer is to fart, and do it LOUDLY).
  • That one of the most terrifying things a date can do is bring you back to his flat and say “By the way, my flatmate is addicted to crack, PCP and heroin”.
  • There is such a thing as a pair of comfy heels. Unfortunately, they are also not very high heels.
  • Acne coverage is a skill that must be learned, and learned well.  It is not something you are born with.  Unlike acne, the probability of which you are definitely born with.
  • There is something to be learned from everybody, even total douchebags with Peter Pan complexes and bad taste in shoes.
  • I can get through almost anything with my will, a bit of good luck and a working internet connection.  But I probably don’t have enough cardio fitness to get through the impending zombie apocalypse.
  • To never listen to my mother when it comes to the following; clothes, finances, food, the most efficient way to heat a room, how many times I should take the dog for a walk, what I can and cannot write about, why I can’t borrow her Burberry and Jil Sander coats.
  • To always listen to my mother when it comes to pretty much everything else.

Last year, I wrote a post with my 2012 resolutions and somehow, I managed to do all but ‘floss’ (too much info, I know…).  I’ve included it again this year.  ‘Buy Art’ is another repeat offender – buying art is always worthwhile.

Original collage by Ben Giles.  I defaced it with my good intentions.

Original collage by Ben Giles. I defaced it with my good intentions.

Quite do-able, I think.


My Personal Style Resolutions #15: Skinni Peach

Hey Licentiate readers! My name is Dawn and Im the little lady behind Skinni Peach (the skinny on all things peachy). My blog is heavy on beauty ramblings with hints of fashion bits here and there. I write the beauty and fashion pages for RSVP Magazine along with spa reviews and a few features too. Sarah asked me to jot down my style resolutions for this sparkly new year – so…. have you got ALL DAY? The only thing holding me back is my pathetic bank balance!

My Style At The Mo: It varies. I’m in love with anything feminine. The 1940’s and 50’s are my fav eras and my wardrobe is full of dresses inspired by these decades. I’ll be buried in my skinny jeans and at the mo I’m stuck in a floral rut. Anything floral, I gotta have it, it just screams, “Hey, I’m a lady!!.” Give me anything peach or nude and I’ll be yours forever!

2011 Style: Even though the winter chill still whispers through the air the new Spring lines are hitting the high street soon and this year Im loving the spanking new trends. Lace, nudes, print, feminine chiffons, colour blocking, wedges and orientalism…I WANT IT ALL!! But there’s a few things I have my eyes on (although their all COMPLETELY out of my price range, but a girl can wish!). My style resolution this year is to embrace every trend in some way or another. I’ve picked my cream of the crop below…do we share a trend love?


Valentino Lace-trimmed cashmere-blend shawl – the perfect nude colour with an oriental twist.


Diane Von Furstenburg Opal leather wedge sandals – NEED these!


Reiss peacock lace dress – bang on the modern romance trend with the right amount of lace and chiffon to boot.


Betty Jackson Dress – staying on trend with the colour blocking sticking with my fav 50’s inspired twist.


Oasis Pussybow blouse – I bought this 70’s-esque blouse during the week so my style resolution is on the right track!


My Personal Style Resolutions #14: Glamrocks Luna

Firstly big thank you to Sarah for letting us be guest bloggers on The Licentiate! It is a privilege to be asked. We are two fashion bloggers / stylists/ very excited to say vintage online shop owners!! You can check out our blog here. Follow us on facebook and on twitter. If anyone fancies a little New Year’s vintage shopping here is a link to our shop tabitha!

Now all the shameless plugging over let’s get down to business! The pair of us sat down and discussed our style resolutions for the New Year. The only thing we can conclude after a long chat is that we are getting old! 2011 is going to see us taking more time and thinking about what we are buying. Gone are the days of walking into a shop and buying an item because you love it. It is time to start thinking more about picking clothes, accessories and shoes that will tie into our existing wardrobes. It may sound a little sad but its true.
In fact, a certain half of this blogging duo was a fiend for spotting something shiny or floral or aztec printed and just buying because they “reaallly needed it”..which has resulted in an awkward situation of every time they open their wardrobe they have a pattern induced seizure.

So, what we’re trying to say is there is no point having tons of items in your wardrobe and not being able to create an outfit with them. What is needed is some staple items and a little creativity.

It’s also a good idea to stick to a colour palette that suits you. This needn’t be boring, like oh I can only wear grey or green is my colour. It could be as simple as picking frosty or warm tones depending on your skin tone / hair colour etc.

We have also mastered the art of male shopping. “Ehhh what?” you ask…

Well men have an amazing ability to wake up and say “Oh i really need a white tshirt”. They then go to a store, pick out a top in their size then bam, approx. 56 seconds later they are walking out the door t-shirt in hand.

So a good way of doing this (plus it completely cuts down on impulse shopping ) is to decide what stores you’re going to hit ,scour their website and have a wish list ready to just pounce on the items and leave before you decide to “just take a look at the shoes for a second… Oohhh they are amazing… and reduced, ohh…….” etc etc.

At the same time there are vintage shops offering amazing one off clothes that are wacky and bright and sequined and tattered ,totally bananas but completely deadly.
When things like this come along and you must have them, just make sure you have a good staple in your wardrobe to pair them with..for example denim shorts / skinnies / plain blouse .

So, these are our resolutions for 2011… Obviously, we’re going to fall off the wagon now and then with a pit stop in Penney’s resulting in 40 euro of pointless nonsense being bought, but we’re ok with that . It’s inevitable. Just like my heathy eating resolution will probably come to a crashing end with me ordering everything in Eddie Rockets one day after work because I cant cope with another lettuce leaf.

But we’ll have tried, and that’s all that matters right?

We hope you have a healthy and happy New Year!!

Lou and Una

Pic via weheartit

My Personal Style Resolutions #13 Blondorexic

My name is Sian, and I run Blondorexic – it’s a mash-up of outfit posts, editorials and pictures I find inspirational, with the occasional video thrown in. I like to look at the transition fashion makes from design, to runway, to street, and I try to bring this across in my blog. My main inspiration source is film. I’m also studying History at Trinity College Dublin, and tend to base my outfit posts on a student budget.

2011, unlike most New Years, definitely seems to be a year for change. Normally I don’t even bother making resolutions, and, besides style resolutions, this year was exactly the same with one difference – I became a productive person. Both my bedroom and wardrobe have gone through a complete overhaul in the past week – a far cry from my usual post-Christmas food-induced stupor that renders me completely useless until the return to college.

So with this can-do attitude in mind (wouldn’t Obama be proud!), I firmly decided upon my 2011 Style Resolution: The Five Piece French Wardrobe.

When I first read about this on, I thought it was far too extreme a wardrobe diet for someone who buys as many clothes as I do to undertake. However, on closer inspection, the Five Piece French Wardrobe could be exactly what I, and my fellow recession-damaged shopaholics need. The main rule of the diet is to only buy five new key pieces per season (ie. ten per year), not including basics. It’s up to you to decide on the rest of the rules, like if you want shoes to be included as one of the five pieces, or hats, or jewellery…you get the point. I had wanted to start buying less, but better clothing, so this ‘diet’ seems perfect.

In a dream world, my five key pieces for this season would be…

A Vintage Yves Saint Laurent brown leather clutch. (click to see) It’s the perfect summer clutch – classy enough for nights out, casual enough for barbeques, and big enough to fit all of your summery things in.

via luisaviaroma

Nina Ricci Draped Nabuk Wedges. Again, another item that could carry you throughout Spring and Summer, and could be succesfully worn with any number of different outfits. I’d wear them with black ankle socks, denim cut-offs and an oversized black shredded tee, YSL clutch tucked stylishly under my arm, of course..

via net-a-porter

See by Chloé scalloped cotton and silk-blend jersey dress. I think getting a dress is very important when following these rules, as it’s an entire outfit in itself. This is another really versatile piece – nude goes with everything, black goes with everything, Chloe goes with anything…  How could you go wrong?

via topshop

Premium Red Suede Strap Biker Jacket. Living in Ireland, a good jacket is necessary even in Summer. This cranberry red suede is absolutely irresistible – it would be such a delicious colour on tanned skin. I did say in a dream world..

via luisaviaroma

AQA Contemporary Opals Ring. No girl can resist jewellery, and my personal favourite is a statement ring. You can’t get more statement than this opal beauty from AQA; have that resting on your finger and nobody will even glance at the rest of your outfit.

Whether I have the willpower to stick to the Five Piece French Wardrobe and resist Primark’s catwalk copies remains to be seen, but, just like the majority of the Irish people, what my wardrobe could really use is a diet after weeks of over-indulging. Hopefully my wardrobe’s willpower is stronger than that of the majority of Irish people.

Happy New Year!

Sian. x


My Personal Style Resolutions #12: Rose Tinted Uncertainty

Rose Tinted Uncertainty is a blog filled with loads of things from heels to screen prints, petticoats to freckles. Everything that fills up the ever girly, ever curvy and ever obsessed with fashion world of me (Rhona), founder of Rose Tinted Uncertainty, is on there.

What’s in a shoe? Your foot… obviously, and that is what I want to talk about, my feet and more importantly my shoes.

My New Years resolution is to wear more heels (it’s the same as last year) and to teach my feet that heels are their friend and not their foe. For a girl who loves heels it’s very upsetting to know that my feet don’t agree…

I’m getting on in years (almost 21!) and I am slowly but surely turning into a woman. But I want to be more than a woman, I want to be a lady (really really badly) and as well as being polite and kind (I promise I am  working on them) a lady wears heels. So you can see my dilemma, I have feet who want to stay young and wear little girl mary-janes and converse and will not listen to the rest of my body which is dying to be a lady. Stubborn little feet, aren’t they?

So my cunning plan is to get loads (don’t know where I’ll store them) of mid-heeled shoes for the daytime. Cute little fifties style ones, as well heeled brogues and loafers. This way my feet will be slightly raised all day and when I wish to wear my stilettoes it won’t seem such an ordeal for my stubborn little feet.

I know what you’re thinking, “flawless plan Rhona, you’re a genius!” But unfortunately there is a reason why it is the same resolution as last year. I bought loads of heels last year but nearly all of them were really high so I had little to no mid heels for the day. This of course resulted in the same problem as the year before- really sore feet when I ventured out in my stilettoes.

So I have to restrain myself and buy only mid-heeled shoes (unless I come across an amazing pair of high heels that I will have to get or face a painful death- but only then). It will be hard, I am addicted to shoes and I’ve no job so it isn’t as if I can buy both high and mid-heeled shoes.

So it is a good thing that there are loads of fabulous mid-heeled shoes available in Office. Fair play to them, they are all so beautiful! I will take all of these please…

All shoes from Office

Hopefully this year I will keep on track…

Rhona xx



My Personal Style Resolutions #11: Blink and You’ll Miss

Hello! Kellebelle here from Blink and You’ll Miss. My blog is a mixture of personal style blog posts, general musings about fashion and some little rants thrown in for good measure! X

My Personal Style New Years Resolutions

Sometimes I feel I can get stuck in a bit of a fashion rut this time of year. You know the way it gets – picking the cosy, snugly, shapeless jumper over anything that resembles ‘chic’.

I get up for work at 5.30am to be in for 6am and I find it hard sometimes to throw on blazers or any non-cardigan shaped item! Plus at that hour of the morning it takes all my will-power not go into work in my pjs and hoodie!


I’ll do anything really to get a few extra minutes in bed, breakfast in work equals an extra three minutes in my leaba so I lay out my clothes the night before. But again, the blazer that looked so nice the previous night now feels like cold cardboard against my skin so it’s flung into a far corner in favour of some woolly knits!

When I used to work on the later shifts I was always a bit dressier in work; heels, blazers etc. So my resolution is to look like I didn’t get dressed in the dark wearing whatever was nearest the radiator. Toasty!


This year, 2011, I’ve decided is going to be different! Well, the days will eventually get brighter and the snow (I hope!) is well and truly gone. I think my work wardrobe is in need of a bit of a revamp – of course I don’t want to banish the knits altogether and they can make a nice faux-duvet on my desk!

Photos: Topshop

My Personal Style Resolutions #10: SoooAli


In between studying History of Art and Architecture with Early Irish, Ailbhe loves traveling, cooking and above all, fashion. Her habits are funded by a part-time job as a lifeguard. Somehow she finds time to update with personal style photos, editorials and interviews.

My resolutions follow the calendar of the fashion world and therefore come twice a year! I find it difficult to remain determined all through the year and so doing this makes my resolutions a little easier to stick to. Okay, okay I’ll just be honest here, I always fail after a month and I have less time to feel guilty if I change resolutions every few months! Now of course the ‘find a solution for world peace’ and ‘get rich in order to buy a Chloe handbag… I mean, give money to charity’ are ongoing resolutions for the rest of my life. Don’t we all have a couple? But for next year here is what I plan on doing… at some stage or another:

1. Start a diet, go the gym, uh what other punishments are we humans supposed to endure?

2. Stop making lists and start doing what’s actually on them. I am such a procrastinator.

3. Vow to write every appointment etc in my moleskine. I can be scatty at times.

4. Get rid of my leopard print obsession. Immediately. Leopard print scrunchies were the limit. They are not attractive.


5. Get into the 70’s trend though I’m a little afraid to embrace the flares again, memories of parachute pants haunt me!

6. Finish a bottle of nail varnish before buying another in the exact same colour…even if it is another brand! Yes that is a picture of just a few of the polishes I own…ahem.


7. Buy more investment pieces…i.e. stay away from Penney’s for a while and save some money.

8. Sort out my wardrobe and get rid of all the fluff in between. Oxfam is going to have a feast!

9. Start looking after my skin; it gets a lick of water every now and then. I have so many products, but never follow through with all the fuss. The wrinkles are appearing though, so it’s about time!


10. I guess my main resolutions have the underlying theme of consume less and save more. If I achieve that one little bit I’ll be happy.


Finally thank you Sarah for having me, this is my first ever guest post and it was really fun to do. I love reading your site and wish you all the best in 2011!