The Seeberger Brothers and Real Street Style

Elegance: The Seeberger Brothers and the Birth of Fashion Photography is one of those books that I’ve wanted forever but couldn’t really afford.  It is out of print and second hand copies cost fifty euros and upwards.  The steep sort of upwards.

With photographs as good as these, the prohibitive price tag may be justified.  Caution – this is a very image-heavy post.  To find out more about the Seeberger brothers, click here.

Images via here, here, here and here

The Reading List: Wishlist

It’s my birthday in a month or so and I’m going to take a Noel Edmonds approach to it.   No, I don’t want bad-taste jumpers (I’ve got enough of them) – I’m going to put what I want out there in the universe and see if it comes back to me.

1.  Health and happiness


Madame Yevonde: Colour, Fantasy and Myth

Rosamond Bernier:  Some of My Lives (pic via Stylesight)

Writing for the Fashion Business (pic via Fashion Folio)

Elegance:  The Seeberger Brothers and the birth of Fashion Photography (pic via Viona Wang)

And non-fashion… The Live of the Kings and Queens of England (ed. Antonia Fraser) Frida Kahlo: Paintings (Hayden Herrara) and Barbie: Her life & Times and The New Theater of Fashion (Billy Boy).

That should tide me over.

3.  And maybe these shoes from Zara.

4.  And fun with friends

4b. World peace.

All About Mary

It really is all about Mary Katrantzou at the moment isn’t it?  From the supreme statement of print at London Fashion Week, to her lightning-fast sellout collaboration with Topshop.  I managed to snag her Topshop sleeveless blouse when I noticed that the collection had gone live at 4am instead of later that morning.  Insomnia has it’s perks.

This photos are old-ish news, but are still the most beautiful evocation of Katrantzou’s way with print that I have seen so far.

Images by Eric Madigan Heck.  What a great name.  And such photos!  I think that if Man Ray had shot in colour his fashion work might have looked a little but like this.