Jean Paul Gaultier x Diet Coke Tour Bus Comes to Cork!

So, last week, I wandered along to the launch of the Jean Paul Gaultier x Diet Coke tour, had my nails did, quaffed some no-sugar beverages, snapped a bit of street style (I loved Roisin’s camo/denim combo, which you can see below) and had excellent laughs with fellow bloggers and my Diet Coke co-presenters, Ciara, Katrina and Sue.  You can see all the fun times we had in the video above.

If you want to partake in the fun yourself, the JPG tour bus is stopping in Cork at Mahon Point Shopping Centre this Friday (that’s the 27th). Come along, get a manicure (I went for red nautical nail wraps), some temporary tats (mine were anchors) and, if you’re lucky, some limited edition Jean Paul Gaultier Diet Coke bottles.

Here are some photos of all the fun.

Professional photos by Thinkhouse, incredibly amateurish Instagram photos by me.

Getting Glam in Cork (with super Benefit Giveaway)!

I would LOVE to know what I'm saying here

It’s that time people – time to reveal my debut turn as the face of Diet Coke TV for Cork.  I had a really great time covering the Get Glam event with Benefit Cosmetics at Mahon Point SC.  I got my make-up did, watched a masterclass with Benefit supremo Mark (Jedward’s stylist, fact fans – as a closet Jedhead, I may have had a bit of a moment), drank a helluva lot of pop and texted in a lot of codes.  Alas, I did not win anything (that might have been unethical) but my day was definitely prize enough.

This is the finished video – I love how slick it is.  While the last three videos concentrated on the Get Glam make-up looks, in this video we learn about how to get the perfect base.  Remember, without proper foundations the walls may slide, and so will your eyeshadow.

And also, because I love my readers like I love those Ferrero Rocher Easter Eggs, I have some Benefit goodies to bestow upon you.  Yes, I said ‘bestow’.  The prize is THAT grand.

Drumroll please…

I have

  • A bottle of Posietint
  • They’re Real Mascara
  • A sample of the new Oxegen Wow! Foundation
  • Something About Sophia Fragrance
  • A Creaseless Cream eyeshadow/liner in Samba-dy Loves Me (a nice golden fawn/toasty bronze colour)

You want to win?  You have to be a reader of the blog and have an address in the Republic of Ireland.  There are two ways to enter.

1.  For facebook fans.  Go to my facebook fan page and I shall explain all…

2. For twitter followers.  You have to be a follower of @the_licentiate and tweet the following – I want to win Benefit goodies with @the_licentiate!

3.  Leave a comment below – You can enter on both facebook or twitter if you like.

I will be picking a winner by random number generator in a week.  Good luck!


Diet Coke x Benefit: Outfit Post

The very last Diet Coke x Benefit Get Glam event took place at Mahon Point last Saturday and I was there with the lovely Thinkhouse team to document the impossible, oh the impossible glamour of it all.

I’ll post the video (I’m praying that there won’t be a blooper reel including my incredibly feeble jokes about Special K being the Breakfast of Champions or the bit where I said ‘I’m Sarah Waldron from The Licentiate and I’m here to… completely forget what I’m talking about’) during the week, so this is just a quick outfit post.

Dress: Sister Jane, Boots: Topshop, Pendant: Penneys, Watch: Casio, Fred Perry barrel bag: filched from a friend.

Photos are courtesy of the beautiful Margaret from

Diet Coke and Benefit and Me, oh my!

If you live in an Irish city, own a tv or pay attention to bus stop hoardings, then you’ll know about the Diet Coke Get Glam campaign with Benefit.  Pick up one of the swanky Diet Coke cans and you could win 99 euros worth of make-up.

Over the past few weeks, there have been Benefit and Diet Coke events taking place in selected Debenhams stores.  Free drinks, free makeovers and general merriment to be had – in short, lots of nice things.

The last stop is on Saturday the 24th of March in Debenhams in Mahon Point and guess who’s playing host for a film like the one above and covering the event and the make-up looks?

Ok, don’t guess.  It’s me (cue intense internal ‘squee’ing).

I’ll post up more details as I have them – see you in Mahon Point on the 24th (or else we’re not friends anymore).

Cork Fashion Week Photos

Yep, Cork has a fashion week.  Pretty good it is too.  Here are some pictures of the Fashion at Christchurch event.  Photos courtesy of Margaret – more on her blog!

Leopard moments

Serious contender for best outfit

The best dessert table ever

Kieran, Aisling and my big head. One of these days I will learn how to pose.


dressing room

Blogger Bash Aftermath…

… or ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About Blogging But Were Afraid to Ask’.

Photo by Whisty's friend Aoife. Hi Aoife!

The Blogger Bash held last Saturday as part of Dublin Fashion Festival was good fun.  I didn’t trip over my words, I didn’t sound like a rampant narcissist (or so the gorgeous reflection in the mirror told me afterwards) and I got a few laughs.  Ya gotta make ’em laugh kids! *jazz hands*

From left to right – Becky of Becky Dazzler, Whisty of Whisty Blogs, me and Alex Donald of Alex Donald’s Multiverse (Alex, I’m not going to lie, the minute I got home I bought the top you were wearing.  It’s amazing). I am obviously making a riveting point about, I don’t know, WordPress layouts or something.

It was well-attended and it was very HOT.  Tweed jacket with wooly jumper + lamps and general sweatbox = not a good look.  I’m also struck by how much I look like Hope Davis as Joyce in American Splendour.

Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema

Aside from deep-seated personal neuroses, it went well.  I was struck by how many bloggers were there and also the amount of people who want to start their own blogs.

A girl in the front row asked how to jump-start blog traffic and I’m not so sure if my answer was comprehensive enough. So, In case you’re starting a blog and are interested in getting traffic (specifically traffic that will lead to repeat readers and not people who randomly stumble on and off your blog via Google) here’s a few pointers.

  • Good, original content is king.  Original content does not have to mean original photos.  It can be original text, an original idea, an original collage – as long as the bulk of your post is completely your work, then you’re off to a good start.
  • Your original work also has to be good quality. Easier said than done.
  • Comment on other, like-minded blogs.  When leaving a comment, try to make it considerate or funny or thought-provoking – people will be encouraged to comment on your blog if you’ve proven yourself to be an all-round friendly, thoughtful, open person. Comments that say a generic ‘Great post – come follow me at atxyzblog.annoying.whatever’ are a major turn-off for so many people (though I’ve got nothing aginst people just saying ‘great post’.  Sometimes thats all you need to say – try not to say it all the time though).
  • SHARE!  Don’t be afraid to share your blog posts with friends and family on facebook and twitter.  And don’t be afraid at the start to ask them to share your work with their friends too – cast a net and see how wide it goes.
  • Competitions and giveaways are a great way to expand your readership.  It’s not the best way to do it because you can be inundated with entries from people who are obviously huge competition hounds, but the vast majority of entrants are genuinely nice people who have an interest in what you have to say anyway.

Something else I forgot to mention.  An excellent reference for fashion bloggers wanting to improve their blog at any level, from social networking to writing skills to hardware would be this post from Grit and Glamour.  It’s also a great website for rooting around for blogging tips and tricks.

Now go forth and blog!

DFF Bloggers Meet – Are You Coming?

Well, are you?

The Dublin Festival of Fashion is happening this weekend with a huge roster of (almost all) free events.  I’ll be travelling up this weekend to lend my questionable public speaking talents to The Fashion Bloggers Bash at Fashion HQ (4.30pm on Saturday the 10th in The Old Waterstones Building).  Here’s the blurb:

Saturday will wind down with a blogger meet up, hosted by Laura Whiston who writes Whisty’s blog. This get together is open to blog readers and blog writers both novice and experienced and will be a laid back chat where blog fanatics can get together to share their thoughts on their favourite blogs, their blog pet hates and talk about how their feel about the blogging world in Ireland today.

Along with our lovely host Laura will be me, Alexandra Donald of Alex Donald’s Multiverse, Blau von T of Blaubushka and Becky of Beckydazzler.  We’ll be talking and drinking coffee.  It will be jolly.

So, this is an open invitation to all Irish bloggers and blog readers, get thee to Fashion HQ on Saturday and come chat to us – or just watch us chat about blogs.  I’ve compiled a list of questions so I don’t look like a total fool if I have to handle a difficult one so if you see me wandering around the city centre beforehand with a huge notebook, muttering angrily to myself… it’s probably best not to talk to me.

If you’re thinking about setting up a blog of your own or you’re already a blogger and want to know more about the nitty gritty of blogging then this is a golden opportunity to get in there, ask some questions and impart some of your knowledge to the rest of us.

On a personal note, I’ve been to my fair share of blogger meet-ups and they are always good fun.  So drop in, it’s free and there’s no need to apply for invites.

My new baby - a neon green monogrammed satchel.

Phone photos March – June ’11

If last week was all about fashion and art, then this week is all about random lists. That’s not weird at all, is it? I keep taking pictures on my phone and always intend to post them online – but rarely do. Here’s a small selection.

Detail from a Versus-esque mini at the Warehouse S/S Press Day

The set up for eBay's online fashion week.

James from Thinkhouse PR's supa fresh (and slightly blurry) Louboutin hi-tops

The parent's new puppy, Holly. This does not remind me of a certain friend of mine in a different continent, oh no.

Beautiful packaging for vintage jewellery at Elsa and Gogo, one of my favourite Irish vintage sellers

Possibly the most unflattering birthday card ever.

My new baby - a neon green monogrammed satchel.

Any band with the words 'Rusty Roosters' MUST be good.

A page from Frida Kahlo's diary at the IMMA

Leonora Carrington painting - from a book on Surrealism

triskel 1

Related #4: Made In Cork

This is a very belated related post (ooh, rhymes).
Adding on from last week’s post on the Cork Fashion Week launch, here are a few pictures of the newly-refurbished Triskel Christchurch building, which will tentatively host the opening and closing nights.

The Christchurch building has been in Cork in some incarnation for around a thousand years or so. It’s a former church (no big surprise there) and it is thought that the poet Spenser was married at the location.

The weight of history aside, it’s a beautiful building that has been lovingly restored and is the lynchpin in Cork’s cultural life, playing host to cult record shop Plugd and cafe Gulpd, art gallery The Black Mariah and as a music venue and arthouse cinema in the main building. They also have catacombs if you’re of a morbid persuasion (like me).

A Fashion week event would look amazing here. Bet the last pastor never thought of that.





For more on the Triskel Arts Centre, click on their website.
For more about the building and refurbishment, click here.

Photos 1,4,5 from here.
Photos 2,3 from here.

Licentiate Column 02/06/11: Made In Cork

Cork Fashion Week is a bit of a misnomer. A fashion week is industry only. In Cork, shows are ticketed and open to all. The clothes you see on a runway are shown six months ahead of production. What you see in Milan in February, you won’t see in Brown Thomas until September. In Cork, what you see is already, or very soon to be manufactured. Fashion weeks are intense, fraught and cloaked in mystique, albeit a mystique that dissolves a little bit as each season passes.

In Cork, we take a much more leisurely pace. It’s both our idiosyncratic advantage and the perpetual pebble in our shoe.

It was with that in mind that I went to ‘Made in Cork: A Prequel to Cork Fashion Week’ in the Woodford Bar last Sunday. As I was waiting to go in, a possibly drunk, possibly homeless man tried to climb a tall, spiked, wrought-iron gate opposite the bar. He made a decent go of it, but impaled himself in the groin over two spikes and had to be lifted off the gate by a bartender and a slightly wobbly passer-by, who managed the whole procedure with a cigarette clamped between his teeth.

A Garda van pulled up, obscuring the view. Then, the sound of denim ripping and a very loud, sharp intake of breath. It was time to go inside. An inauspicious start in any circumstance.

I hoped that this wouldn’t be the marker for the event. Taking a seat inside the smoking area afforded the best views and elbow room, so that was where I sat myself, with a notebook, an unfortunate looking BIC pen and an endless supply of fizzy pop.

The crowd was a mix of models, photographers, fashion lovers and one small, very bored looking boy in Communion garb. Unlike London fashion week, where everyone is stressed beyond belief, the attendees looked genuinely happy. They were smiling, greeting each other with hugs, buying pints (of champagne), trading bon mots and making plans for the evening.

It was as if they were actually glad to be there (with the exception of Communion Boy, who had a pout that Andre Leon Talley would spontaneously combust with jealousy over). This is not the fashion week the world was used to. I was bamboozled. Pleasantly bamboozled.

The first half of the show was excellent. Trends were expertly curated. The preppy looks were a particular favourite – all white jeans and jumpers casually knotted over shoulders, ready for a game of tennis in the Hamptons. The vintage dress selection from Miss Daisy Blue was excellent as usual, with a mix of psychedelic print maxis, prom dress and LBDs that looked classically and contemporary.

It’s always good to see something grow and expand. I’m very proud to have been a witness of such growth from Cork Fashion Week’s inception. This September promises to be the most diverse and exciting Fashion Week yet.

Each year it gets a little bit bigger and, as Cork become even more creative and focused on fashion niches, the community at large adapts and rallies around it. Even if it’s something as ridiculous as lifting a stuck wino off a gate.