Sorcha O’Raghallaigh


Just a little bit beautiful.  It’s always nice to see Irish designers do good, and even more so when they incorporate Irish influences into their work. O’Raghallaigh (who has designed for Lady Gaga, amongst liberally-clothed others) drew from Harry Clarke and incredibly overt, almost fanatically Catholic imagery for her latest collection.  The results are bonkers, but mostly brilliant.

The lookbook was shot by photographer Hugo Yanguela and styled by O’Raghallaigh.

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Photos from Sorcha O’Raghallaigh via Style Bubble

Ooh, pretty pictures…

It is far too sunny today to be cerebral, which is a shame for me because I have several pitches and a book review to write… and all I want to do is sit outside with a lemonade, painting my toenails bright pink and listening to my favourite Missed in History podcasts.  Boo.

So, expect no brainfarts on this blog today.  Here are some pretty pictures instead.

Collages by Jose Romussi on Flickr