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Innocent Knit Up at The Pavilion, Cork

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll know that I got involved in the Innocent Irish Big Knit this year. It’s as easy as pie; knit a pile of teeny, tiny hats, send them to Innocent, they put the hats on bottle of smoothie for sale, and with every hatted bottle sold, Innocent donate 25 cent to Age Action, which supports elderly people all over the country.

If you know me well, you know that I have a phobia of knitting, bought on mostly by my third class teacher Mrs O’Keeffe, who had zero patience for nine year-old girls with two left thumbs. That year, we had to knit a cushion made out of six different knitted patches. My friend Collette’s looked perfect as she’d been knitting with her nan for years. A hobo would have scoffed in disdain at mine. It was so crap and misshapen and embarrassingly small that even the filling got sick of it and tried to jump ship in between burst seams and dropped stitches.

So, when it came to re-learning knitting for the Big Knit, I turned to Collette and not Mrs O’Keeffe. And this time around, I found out that not only do I love knitting, I am actually kinda good at it. My mother, who is the Simon Cowell of the knitted garment, was borderline impressed.

I knitted these ALL BY MYSELF!

With a little help from James and the ever-accommodating Aisling at The Pavilion, Cork, I somehow managed to host a Knit Up, attended by total novices, tiny hat maestros and the occasional person who just wanted a free smoothie and a pattern leaflet. It was most excellent fun and I did by far the most constructive thing I’ve done so far this winter by teaching my friend Hayret how to knit. Her little purple hat is a source of great pride to me (and, I hope, to her as well).  We had a tiny pile of hats after a few hours.  Banter, smoothies and knitting – it was pretty good going.

The Force compels you to knit more tiny hats. Yoda says so.

Innocent and Age Action are accepting hats until the 30th of November, so get them in at your local Age Action shop or send them to Innocent Towers at 120/121 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin 2.

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Diet Coke Fashion Friday: Cork Fashion Week Style

Cork Fashion Week finished for another year last week and I was lucky enough to go along to their High Tea at Hayfield Manor Hotel, which kicked off the event schedule.  Hosted by the loverly Angela Scanlon, we saw the very best that Cork’s shops have to offer, and I got to hang around backstage, interview all the main players and try not to accidentally ogle models as they changed (I’m not so used to being backstage that I can be properly nonplussed yet).  Did I mention that there’s going to be a video?  Oh yes, there is a video – not of models changing by the way; that would be weird and incredibly invasive.

Here’s a few snaps of some very stylish people.

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Diet Coke and Benefit and Me, oh my!

If you live in an Irish city, own a tv or pay attention to bus stop hoardings, then you’ll know about the Diet Coke Get Glam campaign with Benefit.  Pick up one of the swanky Diet Coke cans and you could win 99 euros worth of make-up.

Over the past few weeks, there have been Benefit and Diet Coke events taking place in selected Debenhams stores.  Free drinks, free makeovers and general merriment to be had – in short, lots of nice things.

The last stop is on Saturday the 24th of March in Debenhams in Mahon Point and guess who’s playing host for a film like the one above and covering the event and the make-up looks?

Ok, don’t guess.  It’s me (cue intense internal ‘squee’ing).

I’ll post up more details as I have them – see you in Mahon Point on the 24th (or else we’re not friends anymore).

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Cork Fashion Week Photos

Yep, Cork has a fashion week.  Pretty good it is too.  Here are some pictures of the Fashion at Christchurch event.  Photos courtesy of Margaret – more on her blog!

Leopard moments

Serious contender for best outfit

The best dessert table ever

Kieran, Aisling and my big head. One of these days I will learn how to pose.


dressing room

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The Joy of Books

These books came in the post for me last week, with more to come. If there’s a Great Boyfriend Lotto, I’ve got a winning ticket.

Posting will be a little bit slow this week as said Great Boyfriend is otherwise occupied and probably won’t be able to edit photos.  You can probably tell that this was not taken by him.  D’oh.  I’ve got an interesting project coming up (more on that in a few weeks – mysterious, wha?) so I really should learn how to use my DSLR properly instead of using at as an expensive, fragile paperweight.

Above are a slew of fashion books, some on Lee Miller photography, a history of glamour, Frida Kahlo’s Diary, The Annotated Lolita (so I don’t miss any Nabokov jokes) a book on tattooed ladies, a history of the Bright Young Things and a guide to tying scarves.  Do you approve?

Expect lots of book-centric posts over the next few weeks.  Lots of ‘em. Lots and lots.

triskel 1

Related #4: Made In Cork

This is a very belated related post (ooh, rhymes).
Adding on from last week’s post on the Cork Fashion Week launch, here are a few pictures of the newly-refurbished Triskel Christchurch building, which will tentatively host the opening and closing nights.

The Christchurch building has been in Cork in some incarnation for around a thousand years or so. It’s a former church (no big surprise there) and it is thought that the poet Spenser was married at the location.

The weight of history aside, it’s a beautiful building that has been lovingly restored and is the lynchpin in Cork’s cultural life, playing host to cult record shop Plugd and cafe Gulpd, art gallery The Black Mariah and as a music venue and arthouse cinema in the main building. They also have catacombs if you’re of a morbid persuasion (like me).

A Fashion week event would look amazing here. Bet the last pastor never thought of that.





For more on the Triskel Arts Centre, click on their website.
For more about the building and refurbishment, click here.

Photos 1,4,5 from here.
Photos 2,3 from here.