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Five Inspiring Fashion TED Talks

It’s cold outside where I am. Really, really cold. Right now, I just want to spend my evenings at home, drinking custard and watching videos in bed. And so, that is what I am doing right now. Even the ‘drinking custard’ bit. I am drinking custard in bed. I answer to no mans.

Recently, I’ve been watching a lot of tv shows on my phone, because there’s no television where the bed is. This means a lot of Father Ted on 4OD and a lot of TED talks. Ted and TED. I just got that now, I swear.

TED is a nonprofit organisation dedicated to spreading worthwhile ideas. Two conferences are held per year and there are many offshoots. The videos are often illuminating, interesting, funny and quite often make me feel guilty about the amount of cartoons I watch when I could be flexing my brain a little bit harder.

Here are a few picks of the non-conventional fashion variety. Victoria’s Secret model Cameron Russell talks about why modelling isn’t a viable career choice, Isaac Mizrahi proves that the creative process isn’t necessarily logical or linear, former fashion photographer Rick Guidotti talks about the beauty in albinism and other genetic syndromes, Jessi Arrington talks thrift shopping in a very sweet video and Aimee Mullins, the Dazed and Confused cover girl (amongst MANY other things), talks about turning disability into ability and what it’s like to own a pair of custom-designer Alexander McQueen legs.

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