It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

A little bit Wildwood N.J, a little bit bit street style, this candid project taken on the streets on Philadelphia by the enigmatically named Roy W, is all about endless summer, sitting on stoops and trading wisecracks between surreptitious cigarette drags.

As an aside, I always wanted to sit on a stoop and drink one of those 40oz bottles of beer in a brown paper bag (I know it’s weird, I know).  So, when I got to New York in the summer of 2008, I did just that – I sat on a stoop with my friend Sam and a 40, all bagged up.  I had a 40 of Smirnoff Ice, not beer, because I’m not that committed to the illusion.  it was a good evening – until the cop car pulled up…

Photos from Hear It Snap on Flickr, via Teenager

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