The Art of Barbie

Barbie by Jocelyne Grivaud, seen through the prism of Erwin Blumenfeld, Man Ray, Otto Dix, Guy Bourdin and Pablo Picasso.  Images via here (and there’s more where that came from).

Is it weird that I love Barbies in a terrible, sort of ironic way?  Sometimes I think that I should have been raised by John Waters (the filmmaker, not the reactionary Irish Times columnist).

9 thoughts on “The Art of Barbie

  1. I looove the Otto Dix one! Nice to see Barbie with a fag in her hand, sure she’s getting on a bit, must be weary now.

    (Feeling you on the John Waters upbringing, hah)

    • That’s my favourite one too – there’s a Magritte on the site which is rather good, but I haven’t decided on whether or not to show nudes on the website (even if they are made of plastic). God, I’m such a prude – John Waters would have steered me in the right direction!

  2. i used to have this amazing history book on Barbie – everything from her conception up till about the 80’s when it was published, all packaged in neon pink. I probably got rid of it during an ‘I’m too old for kid’s stuff’ phase, but this is definitely inspiring me to dig around for it. . .

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