Inspiration: Rose Tinted Uncertainty

Today’s guest post comes from Rhona of Rose Tinted Uncertainty. As a graphic design student and an all-around stylish lady, she’s got a finely-tuned visual sensibility that makes her posts unique to her and a serious treat for the eyes.

Isn’t it great when you discover something completely by accident, or without realising? Isn’t it great when you give something a chance and get blown away? This is exactly what happened to me over the summer when I discovered one of my new favourite bands, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside. I discovered them on my Facebook page of all places via NYLON. I confess I was bored and had nothing better to do so I delved a little deeper and listened to a few of their songs. I fell in love instantly. Their music is so quirky, so cool. Kind of like fifties rock, but with a twist. Their songs were seriously stuck in my head for weeks; there was such a vibe about them that stayed with me.

And then I saw them. I saw Sallie and her sound outside; and they really matched the vibe I was getting from their music (which I was delighted about). I was amazed by Sallie most of all. She is lead vocalist and she plays the guitar, and, well there is something so awesomely quirky about her and her style. She pairs her horn-rimmed glasses with vintage tea dresses and leather ankle boots. Lace tights with cutie pie curls and fur coats. There is such uniqueness about her, something so very different, reminding me of a librarian who chews gum and strums her guitar while at work (if there is such a thing). There is strength in her look, its effortless, its comfortable, and its fun. I just want to spend the day with her, sipping coffee in the cold with our fur coats and cowboy boots on and singing while she’s strumming her guitar on the front porch.

Can you tell I’m in love?

Rose Tinted Uncertainty on facebook.

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