RTE Two Tube Post: Aztec Nail Tutorial

Let’s face it, keeping up with trends is hard to do. It’s expensive and when you’ve got to wear a uniform or stick to a dress code, it can also be pretty difficult to express yourself or stand out from the crowd.

Nail art is a great way to play with fashion. It’s easy, it’s cheap and lots of fun – especially if you get a few friends around to pool polish colours and help with unsteady hands. Chuck in junk food and a DVD and you’ve got a proper girls night in.

One of the most popular nails to do right now is the Aztec nail. For this you will need:

  • A light-ish base coat.
  • Nail art pens in black and white (you can buy these from Model’s Own in Boots or generic pens from Argos or eBay. If you’re stuck you can use normal nail polish and an ultra-fine brush or a toothpick).
  • Nail polish in a contrasting colour.

Want to read the simple steps to getting the Aztec nail? Check out the rest of the post on RTE’s Two Tube website.

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