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Storm In A Teacup

Geppetto Films – Storm in a Teacup from mrpaulmahon on Vimeo.

Presented for your consideration (if WordPress will let me embed videos… sod paying for a video upgrade), Storm in a Teacup, which was shown as part of the Dublin Film Festival this month.

Directed by Paul Mahon and with costumes by Zoe Wong of Horse and June, this film is two connected vignettes, the first as atmospheric and intensely wrought as the next.

Somewhat oddly for a fashion film, the costumes were designed to fit the theme of the film rather than the other way around, which can lead to mind-numbingly boring montages of leggy women jigging around on a beach or an abandoned warehouse to a molar-rattling dubstep drone.  It’s a good thing.  A very good thing.  Sonya Goulding’s post about Zoe Wong’s beautiful costumes has more details on the creative processes – click to read.

This is more carefully considered than the average – it’s a fashion film made of itself rather than the clothing in it.  It’s also much, much more than a fashion film in terms of concept and execution, but that’s a post for a different website.

Photo from Horse and June

You can read more about the collection (which is for sale) on the Horse and June website. If you want to see more by Paul Mahon and Geppetto Films, click onto his vimeo account.

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