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Horsing Around

Last week, I said that I was going to start to do more outfit posts. And I am. As soon as I learn to use my camera. And learn how to use Photoshop. And find a great location. And but a new pair of heels. And lose some weight. And get a haircut. And wait until the weather is lovely.

But, if I waited to do all of those things, I’d be waiting a very, very long time. This might not be The Sart, but it’s a start. Please be kind if you’re leaving a comment. Don’t go breaking my heart now.

'But I don't wanna be in the outfit post!'

So, I'm dating a giant. Wanna fight about it?

These photos were taken a few months ago outside my flat. Myself and the boyfriend are just fooling around with the camera settings.

You know that feeling when you’ve been with someone you start to dress alike, a bit like a less attractive version of the couples from The Kooples lookbook?  That has happened to us.  It’s not always a bad thing, but it can be embarassing when you roll up to the cinema in identical tops.  I blame Topman and their deceptively versatile tees.  And the fact that I’m a laundry-dodging bum.

I'm just SOOOOO mysterious.

Squinty Mc Squinterson

I love this jacket.  Ever since I saw Ken Russell’s photos of Teddy Girls, I’ve been obsessed with contrast lapels and the effortless style and, to an extent, the ‘pony club’ vibe that runs through these jackets.  This is a vintage boy’s jacket.  If you’re petite, boys jackets are great for a masculine line without being swamped in the sleeves or shoulders. I can just picture a 60’s kid wearing this jacket for his Bar Mitzvah.

token blogger shoe picture

So, this is my first proper outfit post. Thanks to Alan for helping me along and being my guinea pig. And for lending me his tees.

Jacket – vintage
Jumper – Topman
Jeans – Primarni
Boots – Topshop

Alans clothes – ALL Topman. Seriously.

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25 thoughts on “Horsing Around

  1. Very creative photography! I tried doing outfit posts and I just stood still staring straight at the camera with an expression of fear… typical.

    Lovin the boots.

  2. I have vowed to do outfit posts when I do all of those things too! Photoshop especially…there’s nothing stopping me only i’m too damned lazy!
    Love this outfit though, I’ve played around with scarves in my hair but I just don’t think I can pull it off, maybe I need some tweed to do it!

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