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Wallis Simpson on Film: Madonna’s W.E. in Vanity Fair

As a person who is fascinated by Wallis Simpson (I’ve blogged about her here), it was with some degree of collar tugging and teeth grinding that I learned about Madonna’s intention to film her life as a biopic, W.E.

I don’t hope that this film will win Oscars, or propel it’s stars to fame, or even get many positive films. I just don’t want it to be total pants. A someone who likes Madonna’s music but isn’t too clued-in on her film making activities, I think that’s a realistic hope.

If this photo feature in this month’s Vanity Fair is anything to go by, then the film will be visually stunning, which is no bad thing. The costumes for W.E. were designed by Arianne Phillips (she of the terminally stylish, Tom Ford-helmed A Single Man) and draws on decades of Simpson’s couture consumption.

Photographer: Tom Munro for Vanity Fair. Photos via Fashionising

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8 thoughts on “Wallis Simpson on Film: Madonna’s W.E. in Vanity Fair

  1. Madonna’s name attached to any project makes me nervous but the styling looks stunning and AR is brilliant actress so maybe there is hope…? x

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