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August is one of the least uninspiring months in terms of fashion.  The summer sales rails have been emptied and we’re all waiting for winter so that we can justify wearing scarves and gloves outside.

I don’t know where you are, but where I am the weather is terrible, all wet and cold – seriously considering using a Snuggie as an easy-breezy summer coat, so I am.  The fleecy goodness buffers me against both the wind and my own lack of inspiration.

Here’s a few things that I have been enjoying recently, written and thought up by people who are obviously more inspired than me.

- Elevate PR made The Licentiate their Blog of the Week - hooray!  They said some lovely things about this here webpage, so thank you Elevate!

- Vermontucky Lemonade via The Smitten Kitchen – doesn’t it look so appetising served in those jars?  This drink combined my two great summer (and therefore, outdoorsy) drinking loves – fresh lemonade and LOTS of bourbon.

- I would like to dress like this girl (via The Sartorialist)

- An ingenius way to maintain your ombre hair (I need to make good friends with a hairdresser STAT because I am far too much of a cheapo to have my hair ombre’d – even though I would love to).  Via Food Coma.

Merging street style with art by Miss Moss.

- Cork based designer Laura Eliason has set up a beautiful secret boutique on her website to sell some once-off goods, including some incredibly gorgeous scarves.  I want one.  Yes I do.

- This image from the River Island A/W lookbook.  Faux fur short coat over a razor-sharp monochromatic blazer.  Great tailoring and killer heels – yes.  Autumn officially can’t come fast enough.

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