On the lookout…

We at The Licentiate (that’s just me then) are preparing for a big ol’ giveaway.  This is a special giveaway, because it marks both a year of blogging and a move to a dot com – both milestones that deserves a few spot prizes!

Studio 54 erupts at the prospect of free nail products

We’re reaching out to any designers/PRs/crafters/retailers who might want to participate in this giveaway.  People who come to this blog usually love these products:

  • Nail products
  • Satchels (very specific, I know)
  • Fashionable books and films
  • Contemporary Irish designers
  • Vintage clothing

If you want to promote anything that fits in the above bracket (or even in the general periphery), this website is a great place to start.  If you want more information on page views, Klout ratings etc and what this website could do for you, then please send me an email at and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.  As a journalist as well as a blogger, there’s a larger potential reach than just out of the website.

And if you’re a fellow blogger or social networking nut, please feel more than free to pass this post along.  It’s good karma (and I’ll give you sweeties)*.

Grace Jones is unamused that there are no sparkly Venetian masks on offer. Next time Grace, next time.

*There may not be sweeties.

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