Dior couture: Whose dress is this anyway?

So… what did we think of the Dior couture offerings?  All eyes are on the French fashion house after Galliano’s famous ejection from the fashion house a few months ago.



The good people at Dior are deliberately making a statement by pointedly referencing the work of Marc Bohan, who helmed the brand from 1961 – 1989, sandwiched neatly in between Yves Saint Laurent and Gianfranco Ferré.


In terms of intent, I think that this collection falls a little bit flat.  Even though the collection is based on the work of Bohan (and the silhouettes really do echo his Sixties/Seventies work) it smacks of Galliano.  It’s like coming home to your boyfriend to find the bitch next door’s perfume still evaporating on his shirt.  The way that Bohan’s work is cheekily referenced, the quirky details, the vintage aesthetic, even the cat eye/red lip make-up combinations.  It’s so Galliano, and specifically Galliano, not just Galliano at Dior.


You can’t fault the work done at Dior – the craftsmanship is routinely perfect as ever.


The designs… perhaps not so much.  The waters are muddied slightly by all the tumult that Dior has gone through.


What do you think?


Photos by Fashion Gone Rogue


P.S  I’ve done another post for RTE’s Red Radar blog and I’d really appreciate it if you gave it a click!  It’s all about my fashion memories as a young ‘un so if you’d like to see a pre-adolescent passport picture of me, well, you know where to go…

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16 thoughts on “Dior couture: Whose dress is this anyway?

  1. Honestly this collection really doesn’t do it for me at all! Love the comparison of next door’s bitch hilarious!! I just checked out your post on Red Radar – very funny & brought me right back to age 13 – fighting with my best friend over a pair of wrangler cords in the local charity shop! ;)

  2. Kitty says:

    I don’t really like it, but then I wouldn’t have a clue what they’ve been doing, as I live in a completely vintage world…oh well!

  3. Nah. Colour-wise it’s not doing it for me. Adore the silhouettes of course but the Galliano make-up just feels out of place.
    It’s like a tantalising bag of dolly mixtures that upon closer inspection, you realise is past it’s sell-by date.

  4. i think this collection is a messy hodgepodge of things. maybe because they’re in a state of confusion due to the tragic incident with galliano and they clearly drew the audience into that confusion. i hope they get back on track soon. dior is a brilliant and strong house not only because of galliano but also because of the people behind the designer (seamstress, craftsmen, pattern makers, etc).

  5. I agree with you, when you say it falls a little flat. I am usually swooning over the Dior/galliano couture shows. None of that this time around. Disappointing all around!

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