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Licentiate Column 30/06/11: Just what makes a person stylish?

One of my friends really wants a pair of Jeffrey Campbell ‘Lita’ shoes.  If you haven’t seen them before, imagine a Dutch clog mixed in with a 70’s porn aesthetic, worn by a horse with a gangrenous hoof.  They are not very nice.  But they are definitely in fashion. 
Along with leggings, empire-line sundresses, purple lips and light bondage gear, these shoes fit the mould of ugly fashion.  It ain’t pretty, it’s definitely not flattering, but it’s in – so we wear it.
An item can be fashionable, but it can never be stylish.  Style is in how a person wears that item; the intent behind the purchase and what that item tells the outside world about you…

To read the rest of this column, go to the Cork Independent website…

EDIT: It seems the link is broken.  To read the whole column, click here.

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8 thoughts on “Licentiate Column 30/06/11: Just what makes a person stylish?

  1. This is interesting Sarah..Was discussing and thinking about this a lot during the week…when people ask ‘what’s your style’ I always struggle to answer…So many people are fashionable but so much harder to find people who are stylish… x

    • I struggle to answer that too! Though the process of finding your own personal style is a good’un. IMO, people stuggle to define themselves enough without bringing clothing into the mix. Maybe I’m just jealous of people who have a very defined aesthetic though…

  2. I actually love those shoes, mainly because they are ugly,not so much cause they’re in fashion..I like ugly pieces like the lita shoes because if you can wear them well and persuade people to see them in a different light, I think thats what makes the person more stylish rather then in fashion…the problem with them is too many people are just buying them due to hype and letting the shoes wear them:S good post! x

    • I was worried that people with Lita shoes might be a tad offended, but so far there’s been a good response. You’re spot on, it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it. Lita shoes can (and do) look amazing on the right people – though they might be the hardest shoe to pull off!

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