My profile page, with rainbow pins
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Pinterest Loving

I love Pinterest.  It’s a new-ish website that allows you to save pictures on the internet to an account and store them in folders and link back to the original post all at the touch of a button.  It’s incredibly easy to use and set up.  When you’re stuck for time or want a bit more interaction in your photo collecting, Pinterest is head and shoulders above sites like Tumblr and We Heart It.*

My profile page, with rainbow pins

A pin page

My only problem with Pinterest is that it’s invite only and none of my friends are on it.  So, if you’d like to join the website, drop me a line and I’ll send you an invitiation.  Spreading the love and all that.
If you like a picture, you can ‘pin’ it and save it onto a board, which are of infinite variety.  I’ve got boards for art, things I want to buy, books I like to read and (my favourite) outlandish nail art, which is wish fulfilment.  Stupid, flaky nails…

Nails by Hey, Nice Nails


Nails by The Illustrated Nail


Dr Who nails by Very Emily


Nails by Xanadu Julie

Want to say hi (or just poke around)? Press the Pinterest button on my sidebar.
*I don’t work for Pinterest by the way.  I have no professional affiliation with Pinterest.  I just really, really like the website.
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