Phone photos March – June ’11

If last week was all about fashion and art, then this week is all about random lists. That’s not weird at all, is it? I keep taking pictures on my phone and always intend to post them online – but rarely do. Here’s a small selection.

Detail from a Versus-esque mini at the Warehouse S/S Press Day

The set up for eBay's online fashion week.

James from Thinkhouse PR's supa fresh (and slightly blurry) Louboutin hi-tops

The parent's new puppy, Holly. This does not remind me of a certain friend of mine in a different continent, oh no.

Beautiful packaging for vintage jewellery at Elsa and Gogo, one of my favourite Irish vintage sellers

Possibly the most unflattering birthday card ever.

My new baby - a neon green monogrammed satchel.

Any band with the words 'Rusty Roosters' MUST be good.

A page from Frida Kahlo's diary at the IMMA

Leonora Carrington painting - from a book on Surrealism

18 thoughts on “Phone photos March – June ’11

  1. I love this post Sarah, a little insight into your world…Holly is such a cutie & a natural in front of the camera ;) Satchel is fab too, love the colour & the engraving

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