Related #6: What makes a style icon?

If you read yesterdays’ post, you’ll know why ‘style icon’ should be split into subcategories. Apart from it appealing to my nerdy/slightly anal nature (I’d arrange my clothes by the Dewey Decimal system if I could) some so-called icons just don’t measure up to their counterparts.

Instead of style icons, we should have style gods, style heroes, style deities, style inamoratas, style simulacrums, style mediocrities and style ‘marks for effort’.

Here’s my (incomplete) list of women that I think deserve iconic status, in descending order.  Style is subjective, so no-one is going to agree 100% with me.  If you violently agree or disagree, then leave a comment and tell me who’d be on your icons list.  Play nice now.

Publicity still for Breakfast at Tiffany's

Style Goddess: Audrey Hepburn

Other Style Goddesses: Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly

Angelica Huston in Valentino for Italian Vogue, 1972

Style Deity: Angelica Huston

Other Style Deities: Kate Moss, Francoise Hardy

Piaggi captured by The Sartorialist

Style Hero: Anna Piaggi

Other Style Heroes: Tavi Gevinson, Grace Jones

Publicity image for Louis Vuitton

Style Inamorata: Sofia Coppola

Other Style Inamoratas: Alexa Chung, Anna Wintour

Lowe in Futureclaw

Style Simulacrums: Daisy Lowe

Other Style Simulacrums: Rumi Neely, Cheryl Cole

There’s no point in listing mediocrites, because by definition if something is mediocre then it can’t reach iconic status.  And no point in including ‘marks for trying’ people, because I’m typing this in a pair of old pajamas and that would just be too hypocritical.


Who’s on your style hit list?

10 thoughts on “Related #6: What makes a style icon?

  1. Audrey all the way for me.,
    but can I throw April O’Neill into the ring? Yellow Jump suit – style icon yes?

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