Related #4: Made In Cork

This is a very belated related post (ooh, rhymes).
Adding on from last week’s post on the Cork Fashion Week launch, here are a few pictures of the newly-refurbished Triskel Christchurch building, which will tentatively host the opening and closing nights.

The Christchurch building has been in Cork in some incarnation for around a thousand years or so. It’s a former church (no big surprise there) and it is thought that the poet Spenser was married at the location.

The weight of history aside, it’s a beautiful building that has been lovingly restored and is the lynchpin in Cork’s cultural life, playing host to cult record shop Plugd and cafe Gulpd, art gallery The Black Mariah and as a music venue and arthouse cinema in the main building. They also have catacombs if you’re of a morbid persuasion (like me).

A Fashion week event would look amazing here. Bet the last pastor never thought of that.





For more on the Triskel Arts Centre, click on their website.
For more about the building and refurbishment, click here.

Photos 1,4,5 from here.
Photos 2,3 from here.

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