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Cecil Beaton Book Covers


I found these while combing through the internet for an out-of-print book. If you’re looking for something that’s that bit to hard to find, ABE Books is the place to go. On their homepage was a feature on the books and illustrations of Cecil Beaton.

If you’re like me and know close to nothing about Beaton, then this post by The Selvedge Yard is an excellent place to start.

I just love these covers. Now I just need a spare two and a half thousand dollars to buy a clean copy of Cecil Beaton’s New York and see what’s inside the beautiful watercolour dustjacket.


All pictures from ABE Books (this isn’t a sponsored post, by the way)

P.S How great a title is ‘My Bolivian Aunt’?
P.P.S You’d be surprised where you’d find copies of these books.  Check your local library – you might be surprised.

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