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Kinda Sorta Love…

>…The Eurovision, which for one night only turns everything the most amazing shade of camp.  This is the Serbian entry Nina, who sang… er, I have no idea.  In my mind, it sounds a bit like this.


Need more pictures of this act. Source

  Coloured tights, bright colours, patterns, sharp bobs, heavy eye make-up, micro minis.  Remind you of anyone?

Sandie Shaw, Eurovision winner 1967.  Source
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4 thoughts on “Kinda Sorta Love…

  1. >I'm really disappointed that Azerbaijan won because I don't like that son AT ALL. Of course, in my opinion, Blue should have won (UK), I love them. Denmark, Russia and Sweden were also great, I don't understand what people saw in this Azerbaijan song…

  2. >oh yes I thought they were adorable too, they sold it with so much sunshine in their smiles :) thanks for your lovely comment! haters are dickheads, I wish I could understand why someone would do such a thing.

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