Related #1: Fashioning Nightwear

Every so often, I write a column where five hundred words just isn’t enough.  There’s all kinds of pictures and resources that I would love to share.  I’m starting a series of posts the day after each column comes out in print (ehm, that’s Friday then) with some supplementary material.  It won’t be every Friday, but it will be a recurring thing.

If you read yesterday’s post, then you’ll know that I don’t really take nightwear too seriously.  I do, however, have huge love for pajamas.  Pajamas are great.  The best pajamas are the sartorial equivalent of a hug.  The ultimate in loungewear, a nice pair of a pajamas is only one point in the triangle of the perfect relaxing winter evening (the other two points being a hot drink and a good book).

Here’s some pajama related information and inspiration.

The Poetry of Pajamas by A.K MacDonald

When Pajamas Weren’t the Cat’s Pajamas.. Or Were They? from Here’s Looking at You, Kid.

Vintage Fashion Guild Guide to Pajamas.

Pauls Stuart Pajamas, the pajama grandaddy (source)
Claudette Colbert in Clark Gable’s PJs from It Happened One Night.
Lana Pajama Rama (more here)
1940’s Pajama Set from Japan from Moonchild Vintage at Etsy.
Candy Dream 1950’s pajamas from Lasthouse at Etsy (very tempted to buy these).
1980’s Cabana pajamas from A Hula Girl at Heart at Etsy.
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5 thoughts on “Related #1: Fashioning Nightwear

  1. >You're a gal after my own vintage pajama loving heart :) This post is a delight, thank you very much for putting it together.And oodles of thanks, too, for your recent comment over at Chronically Vintage, it's a joy to have you stop by for a visit (I've spent time in heavily tiled European kitchen, too, and agree with you that they have such an awesome ability to stay cool even on the most scorching of summer days).Wishing you a joyful Monday & week ahead!Jessica

  2. >This is too cute, what a delicate post!Pjs are the best, but I find the oversized men's lounge pants the most cosy… not very sexy or stylish, but comfy as hell, and great for doing the Mc Hammer dance :Pwhy on earth havent I been following you before this?Peace:)x

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