A little something for the weekend…


If you’ve ever wondered what I wear on a day to day basis (unlike a lot of bloggers I’m not a big outfit poster) then click here to watch me ramble on about socks with sandals, fake J Brands and stealing clothes from your boyfriend.  The video is courtesy of RTE’s Red Radar blog, which houses some more posts by yours truly, so get sifting through the archives.

Yes, I do a Vulcan salute at the end.  I’m considering using it as a sign-off in all conversations from now on.

Have an excellent Bank Holiday weekend!

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9 thoughts on “A little something for the weekend…

  1. >Cute salute! And I will not rest till I get an amazing vintage bag just like that. Love the tan with the black leather. Those statues are in St. Pancras! Not a big fan of the Giant Couple but love Betjeman surveying the station!

  2. >Those shoes are incredible, a trekkie and a gal who can rock a pair of heels, I'm very jealous.Looked at that red radar thing because I think Blau posted a vid similar to this? Anyway I see two of my other fav bloggers – Cillian and Ana are on there!

  3. >Amazing! Defo the best vid I've seen in RedRadar so far, fashion & funny!? Well I never! Congrats Sarah! For the record, whilst relaxing in a tent, my Grandad would defo've gone with leopard-print, platform sandals with his socks.Xx

  4. >I'm only just after seeing this now! Great outfit. Those Penney jeans are brilliant. Loving the leopard print heels as well. They are a nice height. :)SarahDPS Great salute. Couldn't do that, even if I practised loads!!

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