If you wear a ringer, you’re Indie Rock. Period."


Wise words, Daisy von Furth, wise words.

X-girl is the sister to Japanese label X-Large and, as I type, is only available in Japan. In 1994, when the label was launched, the brands directors were Daisy Von Furth and Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth *cue fangirl squeee*

While is lasted in it’s RIOT GRRRL format, it was pretty darn cool. With all the clean lines and simple tailoring, it reminds me of a no boys-allowed Fred Perry.

X Girl editorial for Vice Magazine

Did you notice a very young Spike Jonze and Sofia Coppola in the video? And Chloe Sevigny was their original fit model. ANDandand and and… *fades into silence*

EDIT – While we’re on the subject of music in fashion, you can watch a video of myself and Dawn of Skinni Peach talking about fashion in music with our playlist on the Teen RTE (think Irish BBC) website .  The video will be on the website for a week, so have a click and see what we like!  You’ll get to see me move and speak (a bit like an Irish Daria Morgendorffer) and display abysmal posture.  What an incentive.

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7 thoughts on “If you wear a ringer, you’re Indie Rock. Period."

  1. >True indie inspiration….I checked out the vid well done you, although Limp Bizkit?? (just kidding I have a few guilty pleasures on my own iPOD including Rollin!! – the shame! ;) ) With you all the way on the QOTSA…what a band

  2. >Chloe Sevigny, always the girl who is in the right clothes. Love this post. Never heard of the brand. I must check it out. :)SarahDPS My mother is mad for this wedding, also. Going all out for it. She might as well be there in the church with them. ha

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