Women of Style and Substance

International Women’s Day is drawing to a close, which is appropriate since I’ve spent the past few days in the company of Aisling of Think What You Like and Dawn of Skinni Peach. We’re in Dublin, busy with press days and a few top-secret projects (hence the lack of posts).

Here are a few inspirational women who may also get your style juices flowing – hope you had a suitably female-focused day.  Ours consisted of running about town in matching beige macs (which was a coincidence, but it didn’t stop us singing Return of the Mac on a loop) and eating pancakes upon pancakes in Fafies.  Yep, doing our bit for womenfolk everywhere…

Tamara De Lempicka
Coco Chanel (as suggested by Dawn)
Cleopatra (as suggested by Dawn)
Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire (as suggested by Aisling)


Beyonce (as suggested by Aisling)


Grace Jones
Hedy Lamarr (co-invented modern mobile phone technology!)
Mary Wortley Montagu
Elizabeth I
Louise Brooks
Lydia Lunch
Natalie Portman (as suggested by Aisling)
Nellie Bly
Queen Medb (as suggested by Aisling)
Osa Johnson

What women inspire you, in terms of style and otherwise?

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4 thoughts on “Women of Style and Substance

  1. >I feel like I've got deadly insider information because I watched this post being written… :PWAHOOO and congrats on your finalistlisting for the IBAs – just thought I'd get that in there :) xx

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