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The work of John Stezaker

John Stezaker is one of those artists I really should have heard of before, but haven’t until now.


His photocollages are reminiscent of Linder Sterling (click here to read about Sterling at the Crawford Gallery) in the powerful subversion of imagery and the unending questioning of the images around us; what makes the day to day pictures we see, whether in advertising or editorial or promotion, such instruments of influence.

Stezaker (a word more difficult to pronounce that ‘licentiate’) takes the core elements of a picture and turns them on their heads by splicing in another image that is dischordant – with a weirdly harmonic result.  It tread the line between beautiful/ugly – often both at once.

That’s basically an incredibly pretentious way of saying ‘I like this artist.  His work is damn cool and I can’t stop staring at his pictures’.  Here’s some more images of Stezaker’s work.  If you happen to be in London, stroll on down to the Whitechapel Gallery, who are hosting a retrospective of his work before it goes on tour.  Click here to listen to a short interview of Stezaker talking about his work

L – Third Person, R – Underworld I

This post is quite photo heavy, so click to see more…

Marriage (Film Portrait IX)
Marriage (Film Portrait XLV)
Enter… (Exit)… The Third Person


Untitled (Rose)
L – Film Portrait She VIII, R – Film Portrait Land VIII
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