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I want to be a Teddy Girl

Before Ken Russell was shocking us with his films and I was astounding the world with my poor command of Photobucket (hence the higgledy-piggledy pictures), he was a photographer.  You could probably say that he was one of the first street style photographers.  His pictures were brought to my attention in a guest post by new Licentiate fave Vagabond Language.  His documenting of the working-class Teddy Boys and Girls in the 50’s are a source of endless inspiration.

Throw in a viewing of Nowhere Boy, where the young John Lennon mixes with all kinds of Teds and Julies, and an obsession is born.

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12 thoughts on “I want to be a Teddy Girl

  1. >i remember watching style genius which was on bbc1 a couple of years ago, they spoke to one of the ladies that features in the photo with the guns. i got really obsessed with the whole teddy boy things for a while too. so cool, proper style

  2. >Subculture love.I love this collection of photos, have featured a good few on the blog over the years.I love the teddy girl style, the little bow around the neck especially

  3. >I love the first and second to last ones, they are too amazing!! Thanks for sharing :D and my word, walls decorated with shells!? You may have just given me a wild idea for my future home, i will be spending a long time on the beach collecting shells one day ;)xxxxxxxxxxx

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