I’m a bad widdle blogger…

I’ve been known to repost the odd blog post.  I’m extremely gratified that views for this blog have increased and so I like to show new readers a few bits that they might have missed.  But this is different.  This is a repost of a repost. I have gone that far.  Revoke my blogging license, for I have broken all the golden rules!

This originally surfaced on my first blog, which was terrible.  I reposted it on The Licentiate in March and I’m reposting it now, because, frankly, who doesn’t like to watch how miserable Karl Lagerfeld is on Blue Monday?  Enjoy…

To quote the big K himself:

“I hate birthdays, … It’s more like a new starting point in New York. For me, it’s an evolution. I don’t celebrate the past. I like the present and tomorrow.”

Here are links for the curious mid 90’s doc “Karl Lagerfeld Is Never Happy Anyway”, which must have the worst soundtrack of all time. The audio for the last part is disabled, ostensibly because of copyright, but we all know that it’s really disabled because the world would be a much crueler place if it was not. Plus there are subtitles for those short on brain and/or German language skills. We all know what happens in the end anyway; he loses a pile of weight, becomes the voice of Fabu in the new Totally Spies film and also becomes the subject of the fantastic ‘Lagerfeld Confidential‘.

Happy Evolution Sir Lagerfeld.EDIT:  The  person who uploaded these videos have made them private for some reason.  Here are a few screenshots from a VICE Style article.  Read the article.  It will tell you everything you need to know about this documentary.  And I’m sorry about not noticing earlier.  This is what comes out of being a lazy bum.

5 thoughts on “I’m a bad widdle blogger…

  1. >"who doesn't like to watch how miserable Karl Lagerfeld is on Blue Monday?"Hehe, love it ;-) I've seen snippets of that before, never all the videos though.

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