My Personal Style Resolutions #15: Skinni Peach

Hey Licentiate readers! My name is Dawn and Im the little lady behind Skinni Peach (the skinny on all things peachy). My blog is heavy on beauty ramblings with hints of fashion bits here and there. I write the beauty and fashion pages for RSVP Magazine along with spa reviews and a few features too. Sarah asked me to jot down my style resolutions for this sparkly new year – so…. have you got ALL DAY? The only thing holding me back is my pathetic bank balance!

My Style At The Mo: It varies. I’m in love with anything feminine. The 1940’s and 50’s are my fav eras and my wardrobe is full of dresses inspired by these decades. I’ll be buried in my skinny jeans and at the mo I’m stuck in a floral rut. Anything floral, I gotta have it, it just screams, “Hey, I’m a lady!!.” Give me anything peach or nude and I’ll be yours forever!

2011 Style: Even though the winter chill still whispers through the air the new Spring lines are hitting the high street soon and this year Im loving the spanking new trends. Lace, nudes, print, feminine chiffons, colour blocking, wedges and orientalism…I WANT IT ALL!! But there’s a few things I have my eyes on (although their all COMPLETELY out of my price range, but a girl can wish!). My style resolution this year is to embrace every trend in some way or another. I’ve picked my cream of the crop below…do we share a trend love?


Valentino Lace-trimmed cashmere-blend shawl – the perfect nude colour with an oriental twist.


Diane Von Furstenburg Opal leather wedge sandals – NEED these!


Reiss peacock lace dress – bang on the modern romance trend with the right amount of lace and chiffon to boot.


Betty Jackson Dress – staying on trend with the colour blocking sticking with my fav 50’s inspired twist.


Oasis Pussybow blouse – I bought this 70’s-esque blouse during the week so my style resolution is on the right track!

8 thoughts on “My Personal Style Resolutions #15: Skinni Peach

  1. >That Valentino shawl is absolutely stunning. I both thank you for showing me it's beauty, and curse you because I now want it and clearly can't have it!

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