My Personal Style Resolutions #11: Blink and You’ll Miss

Hello! Kellebelle here from Blink and You’ll Miss. My blog is a mixture of personal style blog posts, general musings about fashion and some little rants thrown in for good measure! X

My Personal Style New Years Resolutions

Sometimes I feel I can get stuck in a bit of a fashion rut this time of year. You know the way it gets – picking the cosy, snugly, shapeless jumper over anything that resembles ‘chic’.

I get up for work at 5.30am to be in for 6am and I find it hard sometimes to throw on blazers or any non-cardigan shaped item! Plus at that hour of the morning it takes all my will-power not go into work in my pjs and hoodie!


I’ll do anything really to get a few extra minutes in bed, breakfast in work equals an extra three minutes in my leaba so I lay out my clothes the night before. But again, the blazer that looked so nice the previous night now feels like cold cardboard against my skin so it’s flung into a far corner in favour of some woolly knits!

When I used to work on the later shifts I was always a bit dressier in work; heels, blazers etc. So my resolution is to look like I didn’t get dressed in the dark wearing whatever was nearest the radiator. Toasty!


This year, 2011, I’ve decided is going to be different! Well, the days will eventually get brighter and the snow (I hope!) is well and truly gone. I think my work wardrobe is in need of a bit of a revamp – of course I don’t want to banish the knits altogether and they can make a nice faux-duvet on my desk!

Photos: Topshop

One thought on “My Personal Style Resolutions #11: Blink and You’ll Miss

  1. >same here. i leave the house at 7 (hey, i know, nothing compared to you but still i feel like dying every day my alarm bell goes off at 6!) and i just grab what's on top of my drawer/boxes/wardrobe – usually mismatched. and i even work in fashion! but then again also in IT so i am excused for bad taste ;)i think it helps to get up a bit earlier, wash your hair and do your make up then you want to dress up equally

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