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>I’m trying to reorganise my blog reader and do an overhaul on my reading material.

Here’s where you kind readers come in.

What blogs do you enjoy reading? What eye candy lights up your day? Which bloggers inspire you? Whose photo blogs make you think? Who’s the funniest or smartest fashion blogger out there? Do you have any guilty pleasures tucked away in your reader?

Let me know in the comments box below. No blog is too obscure or too obvious. Give me one link or a directory, a broad street style blog or a Tumblr of Turgistani interiors; it’s all good.  The submissions I like the best will get a wee prize of, well, I haven’t thought of what I’m giving away yet. But in case you’re worried, click here to see how good I usually am at giving away stuff.

And because no post is complete without a picture, here’s an unrelated fluffy bunny.


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17 thoughts on “QUESTION!

  1. >Don't follow blogs (bar this one)But when I do…I like COLOUR and random photos. Lots of photos. Not too many of the actual blogger though… Don't want to go too overboard

  2. >I was gonna suggest The Licentiate, buuut…*flatterygetsyoueverywhere*Seriously though, here's three that brighten my life. Alsoooo they make me pee my pants, I hope they do that for you too. hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.commeniwishihadntsleptwith.blogspot.comwww.passiveaggressivenotes.comEnjoy! xx

  3. >My answer might come as a suprprise but I'm a bit of an opposit; I love pics, sure everyone does but I think it's important that there're some proper posts on a blog as well, as in with text. I look for interesting writing style that's easy, a bit fun and makes you wanna read more… kinda like a good book. I think there're plenty of blogs that post pretty pictures, it's not that hard especially if you have time and a good eye (to put it together nicely) but it's harder to actually write and keep your readers entertained (or gain them for starters). One of the posts I enjoyed most recently was your Licentiate Column 09/12/10 -> note: no pics involved… I also like personal photos as, again, everyone can find a pretty one online, to take it yourself or to be in one yourself requires more skill, time, courage even… But hey that's just me ;)Your blog is great so you shouldn't be changing it!

  4. >I tend to lean toward inspiration blogs with tons of awesome pictures and blogs with very stylish people who update their looks often! If I like their style, I'll be sure to follow them.I steer away from blogs which tend to be quite random. Like ones which have "how to make awesome cupcakes" and then the next post would be like "look at my pretty dress!" I mean I have seen some successful blogs who have many interests and ideas like this, but not very many. Hope this helps and thanks for the lovely comment on my blog!xxsftrend

  5. >Thanks everyone for your great comments so far (and all the nice things you've said). Just to elaborate – I'm not doing market research or trying to change my blog. I like it the way it is! Im just updating my google reader and wondering if there's any cool sites that I've missed. Don't be afraid to link it up and tell which blogs rock your socks.

  6. >A Beautiful Mess by Elsie Flannigan is by far the blog that inspires me the most. – -My guilty pleasure is A Life in Translation because the girl can just be so frickin hilarious at times. – -And 1000 Things about Japan is a really interesting blog too. She talks about daily things she will and will not miss when she leaves Japan.- -Hope you might see something in there you'll find interesting? :)Aoife x

  7. >Thanks for you sweet comment! I hope you try the DIY! My favorite blogs are outfit posts of everyday wear, DIY blogs, thrifty shopping, and as long as the content is interesting and I feel like I can know the person :)

  8. >hmm… off the top of my head:DisneyRollerGirl, Fashion Editor at Large and IsabelleOC/Magazine Machine for fashion words/insight.India Knight's Posterous for things.The Sartorialist, Jak & Jil and a bunch of tumblrs for pictures.Probably missing loads of my regular reads there but that is a start…

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