My Family Portrait

>I’m totally contravening the laws of blog here but, inspired by this post from Diamond Canopy,  I’m reposting some photos that I already put up on the blog some months ago .  May I incur the wrath of Blog for my sins, but these pictures are way too nice to hide.

These are of my maternal grandmother’s family.  A few months after she died, I found a plastic bag stuffed with her falling-apart address book and a ton of photos that she always had by her side.  My nan was a formative influence on my life.  I miss her a lot (even if she wouldn’t let me close the door whenever I had boys in my bedroom).

I won’t tell you which women is my nan, because my mother already thinks that having a blog means handing out my cup size and bank account details to strangers, let alone revealing who my family members are.  But I will tell you this – pick the most stylish woman below and you’ll probably see her.



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17 thoughts on “My Family Portrait

  1. >I love the swimsuit shot. Unfortunately I think any pictures of my older family have disappeared along the line.Yay for winnie inspiring you, she is a total legend.x Fi

  2. >gorgeous pics… my grandmother was/is super important to me too, she practically raised me. I love looking at old pics of her, she was infinitely more stylish than anyone I know nowadays.xx

  3. >Lovely photos! You cannot beat old vintage style photos! My nana was super stylish and classy never a day went by where she would not dress up and have her pearls on. It is nice to hear other girls talking about how important Grandparents are and how influential they can be! x

  4. >sarah these are so beautiful. Im same as Aisling, i was so so close to my nan and she played a huge part in my upbringing. absolutely love looking at all the photos i have of her from back in the day, she had a style all of her own. you've inspired me now to do a post like this! .x.

  5. >these are really beautiful photos and even more so because they hold so much meaning to you!!!!and thanks for the comment- you were actually the only person to pass on a recipe blog, much appreciated!!xx

  6. >For a woman of eighty years, my grandmother has three wardrobes full of clothes and remains infinitely stylish. Love the old photos, I have a collage of myself, my mum, and my maternal granny and great grandmother all at different ages, because I like seeing how amazingly similar we all look.

  7. >I'm so glad you reposted because these are just wonderful!! Love them, I really could spend all day looking at old photos and imagining how different life must have been!

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