Jones Moans


Despite the title, I don’t think you’d be hearing moans but rather yelps of delight if I got my hands on one on Dominic Jones’ super-spiky, super-shiny rings. Inspired by Art Deco shapes, yet still retaining the ‘incredibly rich punk’ image (Alice Dellal is his business partner, after all) the collection is so covetable it should be made illegal.




I actually did have one moan – I tried on the ring above at the NEWGEN area at LFW and said, “Ooh, it’s very heavy” only to be told, “Well, that ring is mostly for editorial purposes”.  Does that mean that it’s not going into production?  Say it ain’t so Mr Jones.

7 thoughts on “Jones Moans

  1. >if they do come into production and filter down into the Northside of Dublin they'll be the new street fighting weapon of choice. The 90s had sovereigns, these are the new 'It' ring for them tho x

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