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So what is a fashion film anyway?

>Not content with releasing photographs of impossibly young, slim and beautiful people, Hedi Slimane, former Dior Homme designer has breanched out with a small film about two, eh, impossibly young, slim and beautiful people.

Titled, ‘I Love USA’, it’s somewhere between fashion and art, in that the emphasis is on beauty and movement, but it’s also abstract. In short – I have no idea what’s going on. I mean, I’ve read the press release, so I know what it’s about, but I think that it hardly amtters because it’s a simple joy just to watch the product of Slimane’s discerning eye (on a par with Tom Ford, I think).  To quote:

“This exclusive video is an improvisation exercise (like ‘Improvisation 1’, with the royal Ballet of Copenhagen)that highlights the naїvety, the innocence of Sidney and Wolf, and features themes that have made the designer famous throughout the world: the representation of a generation, the diaphanous beauty of Sidney, and the very slim silhouette of Wolf project the intimate emotional atmosphere of a couple of teenagers in California.

Sidney improvises a chaotic cheerleader, far from the sweet imagery of cheerleading in American culture, and Wolf is a teen indie transposed in an ‘indie’ representation of ‘Peter and the Wolf’. He accompanies Sidney on his out of tunecello, in a wolf mask. Behind, a fleet-worn American flag belonging to Slimane is visible, a recurring image seen inseveral of his artistic works.”

The great thing about fashion film is that it’s so young that is has yet to develop distinct characteristics like the need for a storyline or even clothes to promote.  The brief is totally open. What do you think – is this a fashion film?  What makes a film ‘fashion’?

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2 thoughts on “So what is a fashion film anyway?

  1. >Running the risk of tarnishing my reputation for pithy quips, a fashion film is a two dimensional face, with nothing to show in story or depth, mainly a visual display to be enjoyed.One exception being; A Night at the Roxbury… which you may not think to be a "fashion film", but it supercedes all genres, is an exception to everything and had to be mentioned.

  2. >'Nothing to show in story or depth' – is that not a bit harsh? I think that all films are visual displays to be enjoyed, or at least, appreciated. A lack of a clear plot doesn't make something a shallow, all two dimensional film.

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