Get The London Look

>Our third and final guest post comes from Fiona from Save Our Shoes, who’s been living in the capital for a year, so she knows her schtuff about London Looks…

Excuse my quoting of the Rimmel advertising campaign, but after a year of living between Shoreditch and Hackney, I can safely say there is DEFINITELY a “London Look”.  To fool people into thinking you are a real Londoner this S/S London Fashion Week do some of the following things…

Invest in shorts; leather hotpants or denim cutoffs (the more holes, the better).


Be permanently attached to your iphone/blackberry/smart phone. A true London member of the fash pack can twitpic a picture from the back of the Bora Aksu show while maintaining a nonchalant air and bbming their friend standing next to them.

Wear some sort of platform shoe at all times. Some sort of black leather wedge boots. A la Acne (but more than likely from Primark). Another option are clogs. Equally clunky and noisy.


Master the penguin shuffle, a common problem associated with wearing long clinging maxi skirts.

Have a constantly grumpy demeanour.

Develop some sort of slash talent. Actress/model, musician/dancer. I like to go by the slash talent of Beyonce Impersonator/Blagger.

When possible, grow a moustache.


There you have it, if you follow these easy steps, you too can act like a you are the bees knees and the cats pyjamas for a week. ‘Cause once fashion week is over, it’s back to working behind a cash point in Topshop.

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