This scares me.


From here

Not Kate Moss and Johnny Depp. They don’t scare me.

I wonder what kind of love they had that made them able to open themselves up to the world, to show such intimacy to everyone with such ease.

I’m the opposite of the ideal woman, in that I’m very vocal, but seldom seen and I have a serious aversion to photographs. You’ll probably find about three pictures of me on this blog. I’m also not a huge Moss or Depp devotee.

But there’s just something about this picture. It perplexes me. I just don’t understand how pictures like this come about. But I’m glad that they do.

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5 thoughts on “This scares me.

  1. >I've always adored this photo. Maybe it came about because they both knew how hot they were. And they were living in some weird fairy-tale romance that they thought the world wanted to know about?Not sure about the quote tho. I'm so unromantic, maybe that is why. If reality was better than dreams, I'd be having serious nightmares!

  2. >we had never seen this photo , we really like it, the image and the quote but, at the same time kind of strange, umm just can't put a finger on it ! xoxoFifi and Niamh ( The WardrobeWars Girls )

  3. >I really dislike Kate Moss, but I have to say that she and Johnny Depp may have been the most beautiful couple in the history of ever…

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