Decades Festival Inspiration

>This weekends marks the second year of the Decades Festival, a massive dress-up weekend that is centred around the many pubs and clubs in Cork City.  The premise is simple – pick a decade in the 20th century, dress according to that decade and see which pubs are putting events to which decade.  Events include 80’s raves, dignified dos with flappers and cocktails and (my favourite) a 50’s bowling event with milkshake cocktails.  Mmm, cloying…

I’ve been fantasising about what I might dress up as and, as usual, I’ve picked the two decades most unforgiving to a real body type, the 60’s and the 20’s.  Here are some shots from some great magazine editorials.  The first is Face Of ’66 for September’s L’Officiel Singapore, which is all lithe limbs, Vidal Sassoon hair and meticulously outlined eyes.





Here are a few pages from a much larger spread in TEST.  Shot by Nicholas Lawn using vintage photo effects, it’s atypical of the 20’s styling we’d usually see (like OTT almost baroque Galliano homages to the Bright Young Things) but it’s a good source for inspiration for those who want to do the twenties a little bit differently.




Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

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4 thoughts on “Decades Festival Inspiration

  1. >Hi Sarah, any idea when this festival is on in 2011? I have to restrain myself from dressing like Twiggy ( or rather someone who has eaten Twiggy) every day so this sounds like heaven to me!Ameliaranne

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