Strictly Irrelevant – The Linkage Edition


The internet in my flat is still broken and Photobucket is still pouting at me and refusing to play nice, so here’s a short and sweet links post on reading, watching, eating and inspiration material that I’d like to share.

I never, ever use the word ‘amazeballs’, but here’s a recipe for some pretty amazeballs, rainbow-y doughnuts (The Dainty Squid)

Ever though it’s, errrr, late July at this point, people are still getting very excited about A/W and all the expensive camel capes that we’ll be buying.  Since I’m a cheap young wan, I’ll be following bloggers tips on how to get next season’s look without spending any money.  At all.  (Fug Girls at The Cut Blog and Disneyrollergirl).

Absolutely endless inspiration in the TFS forum thread for Fashion in Film Movie Stills (TFS)

Anna Dello Russo is apparently going to release a perfume.  But this mini manga novel about her life has nothing to do with that.  (annadellorusso)

Blatant plug alert.  Hem…  You can read this weeks Licentiate column for the Cork Independent here!

My new source of fascination – North Korean synchronised gymnastics a la that new Faithless video.  Pardon the bad quality, but the things these kids do is, frankly, amazeballs (Did it again…).

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