Halston goodness

>I’ve had the technology week from hell and am currrently tapping away on a tinny keyboard in a slightly dodgy web cafe down the road from my apartment and my Photobucket WILL NOT WORK, hence the slightly dodge collage with repeated images below.


This shoot for the August issue of US Vogue, shot by Raymond Meier, is shot in American working girl’s New York, where everyone strides around with impossible glosssy blow-outs, probably smelling of Charlie (the perfume, not Chaplin). This also got me thinking about the Halston woman, for if the above shoot is the 70’s upwardly mobile New Yorker by day, then Halston must surely be what they’re wearing by night.

Because I’m a sucker for hidden extras, here’s an episode in a series that Andy Warhol did on fashion, aptly titled Andy Warhol’s Fashion, that is concerned with Roy Halston the man, and Halston the clothing line. This was shot in 1979, so you can really get a feel for what the older Halston clothing represented (for me it’s this dissolute and debauched and so divorced from the vagaries of real life that everything but the more terrible details of Roy Halstons life and death carry a silvery, distinctly glittery sheen). No Halston Heritage, no SJP. Enjoy!

EDIT: After a bit of a trawl on the TFS forums, I found a link to an article about the great and the good recollection of Roy Halston, who may be the first officially fierce/faboosh man (said a la Tyra Banks).  You can read it here.

One TFS user scanned in an old article about Halston from People magazine and it’s too good not to share here.







One or two of the scans are a bit cut off, but if you want to see them in their entirelty, you can pop along to the forum post here.

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