Wanted: Simpsons Vintage


If you’ve read this blog before you’ll know that I have a deep uncompromising love for The Simpsons, namely the first handful of seasons.  So deep is this love that I’m going to do a post on Simpsons and clothing, so switch off now if you find this boring…

I was just about old enough to remember the ‘Ban The Bart’ campaigns in 1990.  I also remember my granny was scandalised when she found out that my parents had bought both myself and my sister Simpsons t-shirts.  Mine was blue and had a picture of Bart saying “Don’t have a cow, man”.  Sigh.  Where did it all go wrong?

Right now I’d give my boyfriend’s left nut for an old-school Simpsons sweater or tee (sorry Al) but they must have all been burned on an elementary school principal pyre because finding one of these, in a good condition and in a condition to fit a woman without looking like a tent is as rare as hens teeth (a comparison I never really got.  Do hens have teeth?).

These items are mostly from the early 90’s and so are teetering on the edge of vintage.  I think that once the 20 year mark has passed for these items, they’ll magically become ironic, then cool, then passé again in the hipster fashion wheel of fortune.

Here are some of my picks.

Available here , here and here .

4 thoughts on “Wanted: Simpsons Vintage

  1. >mannnnn you have to try and hunt one down, the nearest i got to this at college was a 90s snoopy tshirt. you should give the paint trousers a go, can't really do it wrong can you?

  2. >I had that eat my shorts one when I was a kid! I don't think I still have it, though, unless my parents saved it and put it in the attic. I was crazy about the Simpsons. I remember all the controversy over the underachiever shirt. Also, I gave one to a friend as a birthday gift and her mom wasn't happy. Ha.. :)

  3. >Haha…amazing post! I also like to watch this show and I don't know how the kids could think that being like bad kid from a cartoon is ok. It's all what your parents teach you and in what environment do you live imo.

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