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>The good kind of oil spill

>Another short and to the pointless post today.  Packing anxiety has made me only capable of oohing and aahing over pretty pictures and cool things since all my cogent thoughts are devoted to how I’m going to manage to pack and transport a hundred or so books… by myself… without a car.

I love nail art, but my nails tear like tissue paper against wire mesh and I spend most of my time typing so manicures are a serious no-go area.  I recently indulged in a Minx manicure for my sister’s birthday party and was so hypnotised with the results that I kept the transfers on for about a week longer than recommended.

Now my nails are back to their sad, flaky stage due to shoving things in boxes and maniacally taping labels to bin liners filled with clothes.

Twitpic via M.I.A’s twitter 

I’m an M.I.A fan.  I pretty much love almost everything she does and her nail choices are no different.  This is a new Minx transfer due out this summer called ‘Luzion’ and when light shines on it, it looks like a rainbow slick of petrol on water.  Pretty cool, eh?

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