SubbaCouture – will you be there?

>Spawned from the mind of Ms Blau von T of Blaubushka, SubbaCouture will be the first Freakscene club night to celebrate street style and subculture (so much so that I thought it was called ‘SubbaCULTure’…  derp).  Here’s the blurb.

“Every movement has had its own fashion associated with it; burlesque, MOD, punk, rave, grunge and the theatrical harajuku. Today we can see how all these previous identities are becoming more and more infused in the emergence of a modern street style. Inspired by this, Blaubushka hopes to throw the doors open to all the fashion lovers; be your fashion beginner, intermediate or advanced this is your chance to earn your stripes and join a new Cork fashion army.

Any look that’s inspired you or any outfit that you thought Cork wasn’t ready for, the time is NOW!”


Freakscene is Ireland’s longest running club night with DJs over two floors and major drink deals.  I’ve been going there every so often for more years than I would like to admit and, in the interests of disclosure, actually used to work in the club.

It’s nothing if not all inclusive so don’t worry if mod or burlesque or harajuku isn’t your cup of tea.   I would imagine that what’s important is originality and balls-out enthusiasm so, if you want to dress like Lady Gaga or Adam Ant – ‘any look that inspires you’.  If anything this event is about self expression and outrageousness in the midst of one of the most non-judgemental nightclub crowds I’ve ever experienced.

One thought on “SubbaCouture – will you be there?

  1. >I'll be there I think. But going to Mark Geary first. Should be interesting should I decide to wear something outrageous. Which I prob won't exactly. No idea what to wear… Mayhaps it calls for an inspiration blog post to figure it out. Nice to see you back in blogging land!

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