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Links I Love 2


Proenza Schouler learning how to faux tie-dye from Martha Stewart herself, courtesy of The Love Magazine Blog .

My birthday is coming up… I’d like a nice satchel please…

I’m really, really terrible at beauty routines and my nails look awful, but this ombre nail tutorial looks really do-able.  Mmm dip-dye nails…

And I’m not one of those weirdos who has a wardrobe for their dogs or gets the hots for anthropomorphism, but this is too cute.  Flying rats?  I think not!  What would Beatrix Potter think?

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One thought on “Links I Love 2

  1. >this isn't related to this post but just wanted to say that I came across The Graduate blog and read a few posts, then decided I should go to sleep early for once since I have a wierd habit of not being able to sleep once the sun is up (which is now at 5.30am thanks to daylight savings) but anyway I ended up reading "a little more" and its 12.18am now. Thanks alot for being the distraction of tonight which will lead to being awfully tired (again) tomorrow morning. Oh but I did actually forget to mention that I liked reading it.

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